An Open Letter to Donald Trump

Dear Mr. Trump


I understand the decision before you in choosing a vice president is indeed a taxing one, a monumental one for sure in light of this most unconventional of elections in my memory and the volatile events and situations here at home and around the globe.

Your lack of experience in governmental issues I’m sure plays large in your decision who to pick for number 2 in command and we’ve been treated daily for the last several weeks to name dropping and weeding and adding and pruning of potential candidates at a rate heretofore not seen in our political process. You are the driver of a political roller coaster and the media and voting public are riding shotgun with you —  and it’s getting mighty scary and uncomfortable.

Your alleged choice of Mike Pence today set media into a vortex of unconfirmed reports this was a done deal and all that remained to be done was the official announcement Friday at 11 am in Manhattan.

This evening on Fox News you said you have not made your “final, final decision” of the three candidates you said are in your “final” and would make that announcement at the aforementioned place and time on Friday.


Now I hear you are postponing your decision and announcement because of the horrific terrorist attack in France. Sir, I’m sorry but if you had a VP of choice you were so confident of, you would go ahead with the announcement and present your VP as a strong and united team to address and confront this terror. What’s up, Sir? Could it be that the 3 in your final really aren’t what you are looking for and aren’t what America needs at a time like this? Is there someone far better out there you haven’t publicly introduced and vetted?


I don’t know what to believe anymore regarding your campaign. I don’t know how much of the hundreds of reports regurgitated breathlessly by rabid reporters are true or just smoke and mirrors in this reality show version of “How to Pick a Vice President” – or not.


The spectacle and attention that comes with it is something I am sure you relish. It’s the norm for you to keep people guessing til the very end, to pull bold moves that leave people speechless. And I fully expected you to end this Veepstakes the same way with a wild card no one knew was in the deck.  Someone who would not only check all the boxes for what you said you need in a VP but also would send shockwaves throughout the media and strike fear in the Hillary Clinton camp. I expected you to go bold, to go YUGE. Political nuclear bomb huge. Boy, what a disappointment.

If indeed your choice is Mike Pence, I fail to see how he is the result of “trusting your gut” as you said you’d do. If picking Pence is a gutsy decision, maybe you need to see your personal physician. The same goes for the other two remaining in your “final” three.

Frankly Sir, they all stink. Ok, Pence doesn’t stink but the other 2 really reek as potential veeps. Mike Pence is a nice man. Good Christian man and patriot and possesses many qualities we look for in a level headed leader. He is well respected, mature, and intelligent with notable accomplishments under his belt. But he’s not who you need on this ticket if you actually want to generate excitement in this election and win. Typically soft spoken and polite, Pence just doesn’t fit the mold of a VP your campaign truly needs to deliver the knockout punch to the media and particularly Hillary Clinton.


I see him as a milder version of the man you KNOW you should be picking. Pence is not a good debater and doesn’t do well answering questions off the cuff. When the heat got turned up on him last year on the religious liberty bill, he caved like an air bubble studded clay pot in a furnace, caving to the LGBT bullies threatening a boycott of his state. Pence has no national presence outside of his state and his time in Congress was unremarkable to the extent I can’t name any major legislation that has his footprints on it. He does have notable appeal to social conservatives and Christians but that’s pretty much it. And Pence’s support of Common Core and soft amnesty as recently as 2014 gives one pause to think how he can stand solidly with you and be credible on his own record when he undoubtedly will be called out on it. When I think of blue collar America, Pence does not come to mind. Maybe you believe you can pull the blue collar load in those critical swing states on your own merit but that would be a huge miscalculation. You need a true blue collar brawler voters not only like and can identify with but one who has the passion behind all the issues and policies of your campaign. Pence was never on my radar for consideration as the one-two punch your ticket needs heading into the convention and the general election.


And  Newt Gingrich? Seriously? You’ve made ending NAFTA a priority in your campaign to protect American workers and their jobs but you have on your short list the very man responsible for its passage who celebrated with Bill Clinton how great this would be for jobs in Mexico?  Millions of American jobs have gone to Mexico thanks to the Gingrich/Clinton alliance on NAFTA. Newt’s recent hasty 180 on this in his insatiable quest to be your veep is beyond disingenuous.

 Gingrich, the man who not only teamed up with Bill Clinton in bailing out Mexico but also publicly stood with Al Gore to chastise Republican leadership for opposing the move.

 Gingrich, the man who is a disciple of Alvin Toffler’s Third Wave ideology hailing a post Constitution world of open borders and anything goes relationships. Gingrich the 2 state wonder whose ego got in the way of taking Obama out in 2012 when he demanded 11 state winner blue collar underdog Santorum drop out and endorse him instead. Gingrich the man so desperate for political relevance as your VP that he’s morphed into a human butter churn slathering heaps of praise on you daily to the point even you have to see just how desperate and disingenuous he is. We know you are friends with Newt, but his groveling at your feet and Sean Hannity shoving him in our faces daily is just too much to take. Gingrich comes with personal and political baggage and his advanced years does nothing to offset the fact that you yourself are no Spring chicken.  Please just NO to Newt. If you are looking to lose, he’s your guy.

My suggestion is you tap him as your Ambassador to the Moon and he can be the leader of the 13,000 strong colony of Americans he envisions residing on Lunar soil. Ok, that or maybe give him some advisory position that doesn’t allow him to experiment on us like guinea pigs with some of his more grandiose ideas.



Chris Christie is another YUGE NO. I’ve heard you describe him as a longtime close friend but that’s no reason to pick him for VP. Christie does nothing to excite the conservative Christian base of the party and has Bridgegate hanging over his head. And let’s not forget Christie’s recent presidential campaign conversion on Common Core, immigration, energy, and more.

You are adamantly opposed to followers of Islam in our governmental positions, but Christie not only appointed an adherent of Islam to Superior Court, he publicly chastised anyone who criticized him for it as an Islamophobe. I also believe a VP Christie would encourage the continuance of hosting Iftar dinners in the White House, a tradition begun by George W. Bush and one Christie practices in the governor’s mansion in New Jersey. I’ve heard Christie would make a good Attorney General but his affection for those in the Muslim community should give one pause to even consider that.


You’ve been described as being brash, bombastic, and abrasive and I think you like it. Whether or not it’s who you really are, you enjoy being large and in charge. That’s fine, but do you need a VP who is much the same? Yeah, he’s got backbone alright but he flexes it often in a really bad way that might be entertaining, but it’s beneath the office of the VP to put on a show like this. A bit of feistiness is good in a VP but Christie isn’t feisty, he’s downright obnoxious. Maybe he’d make a good Press Secretary for you since handling the media is his forte. If you want that type of image for your administration, he’s your guy. Not that I suggest it, but you get the idea.



Which brings me to my utter puzzlement why you have either overlooked or rejected the one man out there who truly complements you in every way imaginable, checks ALL the boxes and then some, has major and proven appeal to the conservative Christian base of the party, and like you, is the only Republican presidential candidate since Reagan to win over disaffected Democrats in our open primaries.


You had the smarts to recognize the genius of Rick Santorum to the extent you not only read his book but used it as your own campaign blueprint, and the rest is history.


I often wonder where you’d be right now if you hadn’t read Blue Collar Conservatives and studied Rick Santorum’s 2012 brushfire blue collar success, his issues, and policies. What would you be running on, or would you have run at all? The RNC and media snub of Rick Santorum allowed you to go unchallenged as THE voice of blue collar America, those working Americans out here in Middle America struggling under bad policies supported by both parties. Voters have come out for you in droves and Santorum doesn’t show bitterness at your success, he praised you for your ability to connect with these voters like no one since Reagan. 

All you have to do is look at the electoral map of the 2012 primaries and see what a powerhouse Santorum was all across the nation in the 30 states he competed in. 11 wins and 13 second place finishes including more counties than the entire GOP field combined. He won every county in Missouri, nearly the entire state of Romney home turf Michigan except for Detroit and surrounding precincts, winning over disaffected Democrats state after state while being outspent by exponential margins. Like you, Santorum truly connected and resonated with voters across political ideologies and also touched their heartstrings. I know the media has all but erased this from the minds of voters but it doesn’t take much to remind us, and we do remember why we all liked him so much.

Not one single time all election did you ever reference Santorum’s book as your political epiphany going from an establishment Romney backer to a champion of everyday working Americans. Not one single time did I ever hear Santorum call you out for taking his message while he got the total shaft from the RNC and media. He’s not looking for credit in any of this because he wrote that book to inspire and challenge Republicans to embrace this new and much needed focus on everyday working Americans to reshape this party from Wall Street centered policies to Main Street America. You did that, and how.  In fact, you got his full endorsement for pledging to appoint constitutional originalist judges to the Supreme Court and not only that, he penned a terrific op ed touting your appeal to the millions of voters in Middle America who haven’t voted for the GOP since Reagan. He attended your recent rally in Pennsylvania where he won 4 of his 5 hotly contested races in a blue state with over one million more Democrats than Republicans, and despite this was his home turf, you did not publicly acknowledge him, campaign with him, or include him at the rally. Nor have you held any joint fundraiser or event with him in PA or elsewhere.  I know you met with him at the event but there was no national media buzz about it. Pretty much he was again the Invisible Man at the event as far as your campaign team goes. Why?


I know Rick Santorum is the “unnamed politician” routinely referenced by media the last few weeks on your short list and I can’t understand why your campaign never revealed his name along with the others. Why?


Why have you publicly auditioned all these others at media studded fundraisers and rallies to gauge public opinion and support (or not) but not Rick Santorum? It just defies logic. All your issues and polices are HIS issues and policies. HE was your wake up call, the political 2×4 up against your noggin that inspired your own campaign and you strike him off your list either by your choice or you are being heavily advised to ditch him. Why?  It can’t be because he’s too politically polarizing. You pretty much have that in the bag. It can’t be because he’s too politically incorrect because you boast this of yourself. It can’t be because he’s “too extreme” on sensitive issues because the beauty of Santorum is he is the antidote to the actual extremism of Hillary Clinton. It can’t be because he’s just too nice and decent of a man because you have that in Pence as well. So what’s the problem?

Why have you not paid a visit to the Santorum home to meet them like you did the Pences? They are a remarkable family America fell in love with in 2012 in large part because of the little angel in their care, youngest daughter, Bella.  America knows Bella’s Dad.

As far as experience for the job, Santorum left giant footprints in the halls of Congress from his substantial and critical contribution to the preservation of our freedoms here and around the world. Every single issue central to this election and in our daily news are issues he actually led on, fought on, and won on and got bipartisan support to pass and even signed into law by a Democrat president.

Unlike the others on your list, he actually took on the Clinton machine time and again including many one on one battles with Hillary. He was there in the Senate when she was there when she was on the wrong side of every issue now central in this election.  

Social media has for the last few months lit up with enthusiasm for Santorum as a potential VP pick for you, and these are largely your supporters who recognize how closely aligned you two are on message, issues, and policies.  Are you overlooking this? There has been no such zest for any of your final 3 or even the 4 or 5 you’ve mentioned. All the support for Gingrich and Christie is top down media driven hype to the total exclusion of any mention Santorum even exists.

And to my utter shock, you didn’t even have the decency to ask Rick Santorum to speak at the convention in Cleveland.  I see Huckabee, Gingrich, Carson, Christie, Walker, and many more are speaking but NOT the guy who practically is responsible for your wildly historic success. Why? I find this inexcusable. 


I am of the opinion you know Rick Santorum is your ticket to the White House as your VP and actually do want him as your VP, but you have been heavily lobbied against it and instead have replaced him with a far milder, bland version of him in Mike Pence. Pence just doesn’t hold a candle to Santorum as far as what you need in your VP right now. Why lower the bar and get far less than who you could have? Who is advising you on this anyway? Anyone with political prowess can see the political fireworks you two will set off as a team. Makes not one iota of sense to me and untold others out here scratching our heads over this. 

You are making a mistake, one YUGE mistake if you don’t ask Rick Santorum to serve as your VP.  You are on a roll Sir, and tapping anyone else will be the nail in your tire that will stifle you going forward into the general election. You need a blue collar tiger in your tank, a true Rocky Balboa who has been tested through fire and never caved or backed down.

He is young, energetic, passionate, articulate, courageous, has an encyclopedic knowledge and intellect on every issue imaginable, has a remarkable work ethic, exuberance, likability, good naturedness, and is one of the most decent, dedicated family men you’ve ever met. A stalwart conservative Christian patriot and true statesman. He is a tenacious debater who earned the title of “Dragonslayer” of the 2012 election and it’s why the RNC made sure he never saw the light of day this time. 

 Trump Santorum Unstoppable

Mr. Trump, you had the good sense to take his message and run on it. Let’s see if you have the same good sense and courage to ask Rick Santorum to be your VP. You want to win? How about a Reagan style landslide?

Your quasi roll-out of Pence garnered pretty lackluster approval. Rather limp-wristed at that.  You want and we need sizzle, not fizzle. I’ve seen far more negatives than positives about your alleged choice and people questioning whether or not you actually are doing the vetting or having the RNC and media and polls do it for you. 


Want to shock the socks off the media, shake the Clinton camp to their core, and delight the millions of us out here who WILL not only vote for you but campaign enthusiastically for you? Then Santorum is your guy.

It’s the right thing to do.  Come on Mr. Trump. It’s never too late to do the right thing.  Pull out that wild card. We know there’s been a Dark Horse in your pen. Please for the country’s sake, let him out!