Ted Cruz, Social Conservative: “Bueller? Bueller?”

Cruz, for all his guttural, televangelist rhetoric (he is quite the gifted speaker) calling for a national spiritual revival, while passing around a deep campaign collection plate, has never demonstrated his reputation as a social conservative with anything but his rhetoric and fails miserably at understanding how profoundly wrong he is believing our nation can withstand this continued assault on faith and family via legal anything goes marriage in any state. Either he just can’t connect the dots to see the big picture as Santorum does or he’s trying to appear to be on both sides of the marriage issue for political expediency. Either way, he’s wrong. And if he’s employing deception at any level just to win votes, he’s willing to lie to get there. Does the ninth commandment not apply to Ted Cruz? Are Christians comfortable with a presidential candidate who will lie to win and excuse him because he feels he needs to do this to get there? You can bet that any politician who lies to get votes will also lie once in office, and this is not the only issue on which Ted Cruz’s honesty has been challenged. His denial of supporting his own amendments to the Gang of Eight immigration bill is the most glaring and troubling public display of outright lying I’ve seen since Bill Clinton’s on camera denial of inappropriate relations with a young White House intern. Watch and see for yourself how at ease Cruz is with spewing whoppers in the face of mass evidence to the contrary. If he again is trying to appear to be on both sides of the fence on yet another critical issue, what does that say about Cruz so willing to use groups of voters as pawns for political purposes? Here, using the 11 million illegal immigrants who heard him say for over 2 years that he would allow legal status for them to come out of the shadows and on the marriage issue using either his Libertarian supporters or pro-traditional marriage Christians who believe he believes as they believe. This is a polished, calculating politician, NOT a statesman. 


It’s breathtaking to me how Christians not only excuse Ted Cruz for this but adamantly defend him and deny he said what he clearly said. (For a full and thoroughly researched and documented report on Ted Cruz and his immigration amendments, read the post by my guest blogger, Fact Matter, a longtime immigration policy watchdog.) 

Big issues are at stake in this election, and voting for an angry figurehead with a huge campaign warchest who claims God is on his side is not the answer. We have that in both the Cruz and Trump campaigns. We need a leader who is on God’s side, not one who believes he is God’s gift to America who is never to be held in judgement. That makes all the difference in the world. 

It’s up to you, Iowa, to repel the lassos being thrown around your collective necks by your pastors who have been branded into in the Cruz and Trump camps who know so much better than you  who belongs in the White House.  In saner times we could rely on our spiritual leaders to employ principles and core convictions in endorsing a leader who has demonstrated strict adherence to the biblical life precepts they preach and teach from the pulpit. But when your shepherd, himself, has become one of the sheep corralled by political operatives who have infiltrated mainstream Christianity and are pushing a candidate on you who doesn’t meet the standards of trust, honesty, and commitment to uphold and preserve the Judeo-Christian precepts that undergird our free and civil society, it’s time to go with what YOU know is true, not with what you are being told. 

I’m not in any way questioning Ted Cruz’s relationship with God, but I am questioning his discernment as a potential leader of our nation. And if we have a nominee who is essentially on the same side of the culture war as Ron Paul and even the Democrat nominee on the marriage issue, it’s a lose-lose situation for not only our party but for America. If you are a pastor drinking the “you HAVE to vote for TED CRUZ to win” kool-aid, you are backing the wrong candidate and I suspect many of you actually know it. Yes, Ted Cruz has the money, but Rick Santorum is the proven messenger with the winning message. As hard as Cruz tries to step into Santorum’s shadow and adopt his message, it’s an inauthentic schtick, and voters know it. Boy, will they know it especially in the general election.  If political operatives, emotional talk show hosts, and purveyors of unscriptural theology can convince you to support someone like Ted Cruz and you are so impressed by his ability to induce crowds to 13 minute long standing ovations with his soaring, growling, sermonizing rhetoric, you are farming out your duty to vet biblically  and vet according to who should be trusted with the presidency. If you have endorsed Ted Cruz, there is still time to retract and urge your congregation to seek guidance from God and pay attention to the candidates themselves and what they offer to this country with their background, plans, and vision. 

Vet wisely.  I have, and there is no other who has my full trust and support for president but Rick Santorum. I urge Christians to ignore the polls, pundits, and media, all the misguided Christian leaders and organizations who have chosen to shun him only because they are putting their stock in polls and money this time, and go vote with your principles and convictions on who should be president, not who you are told can win. You do this and not only will we have a repeat of Santorum’s brushfire success in 2012 but he can take it all the way to the White House. And that is a win-win not just for the marriage issue but for all of America. And I have to add that I am so very grateful that Ronald Reagan gave it another shot.