Is Donald Trump A Blue Collar Conservative? (Part 3 of 5)

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The Great Pretender?

Personally, I’ve had serious doubts that Trump really wants to be president.  I have a hard time believing he is willing to give up his luxurious, jet-setting, I-don’t-care-what-you-think-of-me lifestyle.  I don’t think he’s willing to trade his freedom to do what he wants at will for the constraints the office of the presidency will assuredly place on him for 4 years. He has repeatedly said this is not something he really wanted to do but felt he had to do, and I have detected no evidence whatsoever that his wife is eager to assume the duties of a First Lady. It’s just not there.

So why is Trump doing all this if the end goal of this political tsunami he’s fomented is not for him to take up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue? What if Trump might actually be snagging up voters he plans to bestow upon another via an endorsement when the time comes for him to announce that he’s found someone he can actually support?  Trump donated $5,000 to a pro-Cruz PAC in 2014 and has had meetings with him before and after both announced their candidacies this year. Reports are that the two keep in touch via phone and you never see them criticize one another, not even on policy differences. They even held a joint rally on the Capitol lawn to protest the Iran nuke deal. My, how cozy. Rather peculiar behavior for 2 people who are vying for the same office wouldn’t you say?

Trump is still steaming mad at Karl Rove for conning him to pour millions of his dollars and time into what was a guaranteed winner in the 2012 Rominee.  He even bragged on Sean Hannity’s radio show that it was his efforts that guaranteed Romney clinched the title, but now he frequently rakes Rove over the coals for backing a candidate who failed miserably to deliver. Obviously Trump developed a friendship with Rick Santorum since 2012 and had the revelation that Santorum’s message and policies actually do hit the bullseye with American voters and now fully understands why so many voters didn’t come out to vote for either Obama or Romney, so why not just endorse him? I refer you back to Trump’s relentless efforts to put Santorum away last election. How would he keep face by now supporting the man he repeatedly labeled a “loser”? Trump is good at making pretzel twisting excuses for himself, but he does not apologize. Endorsing Santorum would not be an option.

He sees Ted Cruz as the rock star maverick Rove truly despises and who also already has a sizeable warchest to boot with appeal to Tea Party libertarian voters as well as evangelicals. Cruz’s glaring deficit in experience and legislative accomplishments is overshadowed by his angry young Senator persona, and Trump finds this most appealing. Could a bit of revenge politics be at play here? Trump hypes and stumps on much of the same hot and angry Tea Party rhetoric that fuels the Cruz campaign, and this is a guaranteed magnet for that faction of the GOP voting base. Problem is Cruz’s cut, slash, and burn rhetoric and policies are a total turn off to those 6 million or more blue collar voters who see him as the face of the government shutdown that resulted in many of them losing their jobs temporarily or permanently.  Cruz’s guaranteed applause inducing one-liners he whips out at every single speaking venue falls flat with those outside of his conservative bubble, and he needs this voter base to turn out for him in droves. Oh, what to do? You can’t pull off a win in the general election unless you can turn out these disaffected voters in Middle America.

What if Trump hatched the plan to submarine a repeat of Santorum in 2016 by hijacking his blue collar message as his own in an attempt to dragnet as many of these voters from Middle America as possible, winning over unbreachable support and blind devotion from them which he will then confer upon Cruz by way of endorsement or just stepping aside? It will be sensational and huge don’t ya know. Despite the fact that neither Trump nor Cruz have any degree of authenticity or credibility relating to blue collar Reagan Democrats and addressing their issues and concerns, Trump will transfer his undeserved title of Blue Collar Everyman to Cruz, thus empowering him with the invincibility to lock up this election in a landslide not seen since Reagan.  At least this appears to be the plan. If not, then what we have is Cruz hitching his star to the Trump bandwagon in hopes he’s in the good graces of Trump supporters enough to be their number two if and when Trump happens to implode.


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