Is Donald Trump A Blue Collar Conservative? (Part 4 of 5)

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Why Conservative Talk Hosts Heart Trump

Have you not wondered why so many national conservative talk hosts who are enamored of Cruz are displaying such benevolence toward the historically anti-conservative Trump? As voraciously as they tore into the milquetoast moderate Romney and his progressive tendencies and history, they have given Trump puffball treatment and hail him as the new figurehead of the Tea Party despite the fact he is just as steeped in progressivism as Romney.  Many conservative talk hosts nearly cracked a rib laughing when Romney passionately proclaimed he was “severely conservative” but when Trump says much the same, they accept it and swallow it down with a spoonful of sugar. Many like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin devote the majority of each show to and for Trump. Turn on your radio any time of the day and it’s Trumpalooza.  Wall-to-wall, 24/7 coverage of, for, and about Donald Trump. This can only make sense in the context that these talk hosts are in on the plan as well, and to discredit Trump in any way, shape, or fashion would throw a serious monkey wrench in this plan to pass on the crown to Cruz when the time comes.  Rush Limbaugh nearly let the cat out of the bag a few weeks ago when he said the only way for Trump to fade is for another to come out saying the same things he is saying, that this mantle will be passed on to another at the right time. He caught himself and admitted he almost said too much but that the “natural order of things” would just happen. At present, Cruz comes a close second to Trump in coverage and mentions on conservative talk radio, so just connect the dots. We are being falsely led to believe that the natural beneficiary of a Trump exit, and the millions of these everyday working American voters along with it, is Ted Cruz.


I believe that a good number of conservative talk hosts and prominent bloggers agreed months ago to come together to thwart another Bush in the White House and they decided Cruz would be the one they all will promote and collectively endorse after Trump does his thing. After all it is they who are largely responsible for launching his political star into orbit and assisting his premature presidential aspirations with blanket coverage rivaled only by Trump.  It’s become more about backing a well-funded conservative candidate this time than getting the right person in the White House who is comprehensively qualified, prepared, battle tested, and ready for the job day one. Despite his good points, Ted Cruz isn’t that guy. Not by a long stretch. And this explains why Cruz is the man who will not be vetted on critical issues that should alarm conservatives looking for a bonafide political kindred spirit on all the major issues driving this election. For example, despite the numerous warts that have recently been exposed on Cruz’s immigration policies, talk hosts smitten with Cruz have circled the wagons around him and doubled down on their support, one by one coming forth to endorse or nearly endorse him now.


So in reality, all this hoopla might not really be about Donald Trump.  What if it’s about doing everything possible to insulate, construct, and complete a very green, inexperienced, and unprepared Ted Cruz as an unbeatable candidate against Jeb Bush?  Possible? I honestly don’t think so because our real battle is the general election where Cruz would fast learn that he and his campaign are uniquely unsuited to take on what likely will be the socialist candy man extraordinaire, Bernie Sanders, if not nominee-eight-years-in-the-waiting Hillary Clinton. I believe he stands about the same chance of beating Sanders (or Clinton) as Bush does, and that’s not saying much.


Sanders, or whoever the Democrat nominee will be, will have full control and direction of the issues of this election, and the media will make sure of that. Cruz isn’t running on or addressing the very same issues the Democrats are espousing, and that is a fatal flaw for our side if Cruz is the nominee. Cut, slash, and burn and liberty, liberty, liberty might rile up your base, but those millions of blue collar voters Trump aims to draw in that Cruz plans to inherit just might not buy what Cruz is selling. Many of them are also attracted to Bernie Sanders because at least he is talking about them. Cruz has recently taken to referencing these blue collar workers, those Reagan Democrats, but it’s awkward pandering to voters who won’t buy his newly adopted blue collar schtick.


Instead of seeing Cruz as Blue Collar Everyman they might conclude he’s the Sham Wow guy in a blue collar suit as far as their issues and concerns. Sure they fell for Trump’s act for a time, but Cruz is another story. He promotes the Republican Party and Tea Party message focusing heavily on business owners and entrepreneurs and the policies that benefit them the most. This is something the Left has and will exploit in their class warfare and income inequality propaganda.  And Cruz just might be a really tough sell in the end to average apolitical voters because they see some of his policies actually do as much harm to people struggling in Middle America as Democrat polices do.  This is an automatic turn off.  At present 94 million Americans are out of a job and Cruz wants open the spigot from a steady stream to a flood of immigrants into this country. He introduced amendments to the Gang of 8 bill that call for increasing H1-B visas by 500%, DOUBLING all legal immigration, removing all caps on immigration from Mexico, India, and China, and allowing all 11 million illegals here to obtain work permits to stay and work here indefinitely. That’s called amnesty any way you slice it. His immigration amendments putting the interests of millions of both legal and illegal immigrants over those of the everyday working American strip him of any credibility to pose as a champion of blue collar America. His largest PAC donors have pumped double digit millions into his coffers and he obliges them by introducing and voting for policies that fulfill their demands for a steady wave of cheap foreign labor. Yes, Ted Cruz has lots of strings attached despite the mantra that he is his own man. Go ahead and get angry, but it’s true. Follow the PAC money and you’ll understand why Cruz was so determined to support the TPA before he voted against it in the final hour after his base supporters threatened to bolt from his campaign. The TPA would have brought in a flood of immigrants to compete for jobs and replace American workers. Blue collar hero? Methinks not. Wrong guy for the wrong time.


**UPDATE 01/16/16  Looks like the Trump/Cruz bromance has ended and both have devolved into the nastiest of verbal fisticuffs as we head ever closer to the Iowa Caucus. With Trump and Cruz neck and neck in the pop polls and Cruz’s boasting some weeks ago that Trump’s supporters will eagerly fall into his lap, whatever coziness the two shared has gone POOF! and now even the conservative talk hosts who have been crowing and glowing about Trump incessantly for months have turned on him now that it’s clear Trump has no intention of standing down and endorsing Cruz as I believe they believed would happen. Perhaps this was Trump’s original intention, but the tsunami of attention and adulation he’s captured has gone to his head and his huge ego expanded exponentially. Maybe, or he gave that impression to keep the attack dogs at bay as long as possible because if these conservative stalwarts of the airwaves were truly all about vetting candidates, they would have taken him to the political woodshed the second he tossed his red cap into the ring. Trump has enjoyed a free ride to the top for nearly a year via millions in free airtime on Limbaugh, Levin, and Fox News. They created and fed the beast that is Donald Trump and have now issued orders to put him out because he turned on the one they all actually supported all along. It’s going to be really ugly from here on out. 

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