Is Donald Trump A Blue Collar Conservative? (Part 5 of 5)

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Authenticity Wins In The End

If Donald Trump’s true ambition is to actually be in this for real and were he to succeed in getting the Republican nomination, it would be as big a gift to the Democrats as Romney was in 2012, another mega wealthy out of touch businessman who this time will try harder to convince those in lower and middle income America that he truly does care about them. In an election made to order around income inequality and class warfare, how credible a candidate is a billionaire who essentially owns Board Walk? Think about that one long and hard. Is there any wonder even the liberal media is going gaga over Trump? You don’t give this constant and generous coverage to a Republican candidate who is a real threat to the Democrat nominee. They are licking their chops at the thought of taking on Trump in the general election.


Can Donald Trump convince millions of voters struggling in the dismal job market that he cares about them, relates to them and feels their pain? As long as he’s the lone candidate in the national spotlight with a blue collar focused message, he might be able to get away with it.


I’m just eager to see what happens when the true Blue Collar Conservative, Rick Santorum, gets on that main debate stage with the policy pirates who have scavenged his message and policies for their own political brownie points.  If there is anyone who can actually neutralize Trump and win over everyday working Americans regardless of party affiliation, it’s Santorum, hands down.  It’s past time for the emergence of the real grown up in this room of juveniles still playing dress up. No red ball cap or sweater vest necessary, Santorum is the real deal having grown up in a steel town in Veteran’s Administration housing, surrounded by the mills and factory towns scattered throughout western Pennsylvania. His coal miner grandfather and the dads in his neighborhood who worked at the mills instilled in him an understanding and deep appreciation for those who labor hard every day to provide for themselves and their families and have knit together the strong community bonds necessary for a good, decent, and self-reliant America.


Santorum took these values and concerns with him to DC when he was elected to Congress at the tender age of 32 and for 16 years represented his constituency of blue collar working families well. You don’t win 4 straight elections as a conservative in a blue state largely comprised of blue collar Reagan Democrats if you aren’t seen authentically as one of them and/or fully understand and can represent them on their issues and concerns.

It’s Rick Santorum, not Donald Trump, not Ted Cruz, not anyone else in this field of cookie cutter candidates, who truly has his finger on the pulse of America, those workers in factory towns and service jobs, on farms and in manufacturing facilities, who want a hand up, not a hand out, for the opportunity to rise. Read his book Blue Collar Conservatives for yourself and see why it’s now the blueprint for nearly every candidate in this presidential race.  He’s the real leader in this field of followers. The pro-amnesty, pro-Corporate America  RNC bosses and donors don’t want you to see and hear him and have employed dirty political tricks  to keep him out of the news and subsequently down in the polls so they can eliminate him from the next big debate, hoping to bury him for good. And you wonder why you never see or hear him or about him.

Why vote for an imposter or a policy pirate when we have the REAL DEAL?

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The masquerade is over and it’s time to dump Trump, the RNC, and the corrupt and agenda driven media that aided and abetted Trump’s policy thievery. Get behind someone who doesn’t have to pretend who he is and what he believes and proved in 2012 that he does have what it takes win. I’m truly thankful Ronald Reagan gave it another shot in 1980 after coming so close in 1976. It’s past time to put another true man of the people in the White House and that guy is Rick Santorum.