Never Trump No More?

Trump silhouette

Democrats Voting Republican? Oh, my!

Word has it the Delegate Revolt effort planned to hit the Republican Convention this month has picked up enough steam to create more than a scene during the nationally televised proceedings via hundreds of delegates demanding the right to vote their conscience instead of for the candidate who won their respective states. They are threatening an outright coup, or at the very least, the spectacle of a walkout on Donald Trump during his acceptance speech if they fail to thwart his official nomination.


I completely understand the anger and fear the Trump nomination has ignited, sending shockwaves through the conservative base of the party who do not recognize or accept Trump as one of our own. His abrasiveness and bombast has either been a magnet or kryptonite for his campaign leaving little room for fence straddlers unsure of him. Like him or not, he says what he thinks and lets the chips fall where they may. Trump’s past and even recent history of questionable conduct, rhetoric, and character have many fearing a seismic shift in the party with Trump as the new official figurehead resulting in not just another presidential race defeat but potential losses in down ballot elections as well. I fully understand this. Believe me, I do.  I’ve blogged, tweeted, and publicly posted about this extensively and will not attempt to erase or delete what I have publicly said about my observations and opinions of Donald Trump as both a person and as a presidential candidate.  I was with NeverTrump from the start of this race.


As a very vocal supporter first of a third party challenge to Trump and then adopting the more realistic option of a battle on the convention floor challenging the legitimacy of Trump as the nominee, I’ve come to see the situation quite differently as events have unfolded and some of the fog of anger has settled a bit.

The manipulation of the primaries and debates and the 2 billion dollars in free airtime lavished on Trump was grossly unfair, and I was all in on finding some way, ANY way, to deny Trump the delegates he won in state contests, mostly via the open primaries the RNC allows which resulted in 12 million Democrats voting in our primaries.  This fact alone is one of the main justifications the revolters claim in stripping Trump of the delegates he won. Millions of Democrats voting in our primaries was bad enough, but seeing them flock to Trump signaled to many that the crossover voting was largely Democrats voting for the weakest candidate in the GOP field to guarantee Hillary Clinton an easy win. Who wants Democrats picking our nominee for us? Downright pretty outrageous, for sure; but I seem to recall a similar situation in 2008 when Rush Limbaugh launched “Operation Chaos” calling for Republicans to crossover vote in the Democrat primaries for Hillary to keep her afloat long enough to remain a threat to the red hot Barack Obama because she would be the easier of the two for McCain to beat in the general election. I vividly recall Limbaugh’s glee in reporting how well this strategy was working as throngs of Republicans voted in Democrat primaries.


Looks to me we’re reaping what we have sown, and too few care to recall how Republicans tried to manipulate the outcome of the Democrat race that year.

Ah, I do remember it well though.


The difference here is the Democrat vote for Trump appears to be truly genuine in nature, and it hit me like a brick when I watched Trump’s recent rally in a Democrat stronghold of Pennsylvania attended almost entirely by Democrats, many who are Democrat mayors of cities decimated by the bad trade deals of recent years, trade deals supported by both parties.

The primaries are over, so if these Democrats really were only showing artificial support for Trump, why are they still coming out to see and hear him? Why were they enthusiastically cheering for him and holding Trump 2016 signs? Why did they tell reporters covering the event they like what Trump has to say and offer by way of his immigration, trade, manufacturing, and tax policies?

No, clearly the phenomenon is real. Democrats are flocking to vote for Trump because he and his message have struck a sincere chord with them, and Republicans are mad about it. Seething, fire and nail-spittin’ mad.



This is quite ironic behavior considering that during his campaign launching speech and throughout the primaries, Ted Cruz repeatedly boasted he was going to unite the party and even win over these disaffected Democrats, those Reagan Democrats who have been sitting out elections the last few cycles. Despite his massive campaign warchest, a lock on endorsements and support from nearly every major conservative talk host and public policy group, and the 50 state organization he began building for 2016 immediately after winning his 2012 Senate race, he failed, and failed miserably.  I remember, too, how Cruz sanctimoniously boasted he would inherit all these voters from Trump once Trump crashed and burned.  Fact is, Ted Cruz couldn’t prove his appeal to these voters in our open primaries and doggone for sure won’t break out of his niche to win them over in the general. And we need these voters to beat Hillary Clinton since she is making a beeline for them with her  income inequality and class warfare rhetoric and big government non-solutions. Six million of these largely apolitical voters stayed home from the polls in 2012 because neither Romney nor Obama spoke to, for, and about them and their issues. Trump has been dragnetting them in.


So my questions to the revolt supporters are this:

Had Ted Cruz been successful in winning over millions of these Democrats, would that sit well with you? Would you be as hopping mad as you are right now because Trump pulled them in, or would you be gloating that Cruz connects and resonates even with voters in the other party? Would you still be calling for delegates to be unbound to vote their conscience because you were alarmed that so many Democrats voted for Cruz in our primaries? And if Trump supporters bound as delegates to Cruz demanded to be unbound to vote their conscience because they had real concerns about Cruz’s citizenship, would you support their demands? Why or why not? Do we have a double standard here?




2012 Deja Vu: Reagan Democrats Heart Santorum



In 2012 it was blue collar underdog Rick Santorum who focused his message and policies on these very same voters and was winning them over in the Rustbelt and Heartland primaries and caucuses. The Romney camp slammed him for reaching out to disgruntled Democrats in Romney’s home state of Michigan, and by golly, Santorum came within a hair’s breadth of taking Romney out on his home turf as Democrats flocked to the polls for Santorum. His success is one for the history books, nearly taking out the wealthy Wall St. candidate chosen by the establishment who had bottomless Super PAC funding while Santorum trucked on with meager funds, a skeletal staff and organization, and barely there media coverage, racking up 11 state wins and 13 second place finishes including more counties than the entire GOP field combined in the 30 states he competed in.  That is knock-your-socks-off impressive, and it proves it was message and messenger that connected, that his blue collar/family centric message was winning over hearts and minds in BOTH parties. This is the same appeal Santorum demonstrated while representing Pennsylvania for 2 terms in the House and 2 terms in the Senate in a state with one million more registered Democrats than Republicans. You don’t win 4 straight races as a conservative in a blue state unless everyday working Americans don’t see you as one of them or credibly able to represent them and their voices. The proof is in the pudding, including pulling in a substantial number of independents as well. 

In his first Senate race against Democrat incumbent Harris Wofford, Santorum won 49 percent of the vote to Wofford’s 47 percent, and he carried 56 of the state’s 67 counties. He won all 22 strong Republican and all 25 Republican-leaning counties; in addition, he carried one strong Democratic county, Westmoreland. Most important, he was able to carry eight of Pennsylvania’s 11 swing counties (Erie, Mercer, Elk, Clearfield, Carbon, Northampton, Lehigh, and Berks). Wofford won 11 counties, eight of the nine strong Democratic counties, and three swing counties (Lawrence, Clinton, and Luzerne)



Seems to me the GOP open primaries are excellent testing grounds for Republican candidates to prove they have appeal outside of party boundaries. Seems to me if a Republican can motivate and excite Democrats to come out and vote for him, that’s a good indication he has what it takes to win in the general election. Just a dose of good old common sense here.

But hey, we don’t want no stinkin’ Democrats voting in OUR elections anymore, right?


That’s what we’ll get if the Delegate Revolt is successful beyond this convention for primaries here on out.

With the blessings of the RNC, several states this year welcomed, with open arms,  non Republicans to vote in open primaries — and they came. Boy, did they ever. But the fact they came out for the wrong candidate is what matters here, and now all those votes are on the chopping block via a delegate revolt at convention.


The message is loud and clear that we are not a party that honors the voices of the voters.


As far as the delegate revolt effort is concerned, those disaffected Democrats inspired by Trump and /or his message can go pound sand. It appears this revolt effort is largely led by Cruz supporters who aim to replace Trump with Cruz and are under some delusion Cruz actually can either appeal to these Trump voters and win them over or can win without them.  I have no words for how ignorant this thinking is other than if you can’t win these voters in the primaries, you’re not going to capture their heartstrings in the general. It just ain’t gonna happen. The Cruz Only delegation needs to understand that the Only Trump voters  out there maintain the same amount of loathing for Cruz as they do of Trump. Just stating a fact here.


Too Little Too Late

I now see this planned disruption and potential coup during convention is wrong headed on so many levels.


The time to make noise about open primaries was before this election year got underway. If you don’t want Democrats helping to pick our nominee, do something about it and demand closed primaries well before the voting begins, not pitch a fit during or after when the results aren’t what you expected or wanted.  If this is the new norm of how our party operates, I say just close up shop and let’s start anew.  Better yet, let’s just scrap primaries all together and let several dozen well connected political activists do the choosing for us at state conventions. Cut out the voter completely and get as much establishment mandated party line purity you want in a candidate. This is not my preference but if we’re going to have to deal with rejecting candidates voters actually like, it’s just another option like having closed primaries universally enforced.

If you want tighter requirements on who can even qualify to run as a Republican in our primaries, how about pressuring the RNC to come up with more restrictive qualifications like 5 or more years of party membership and active voting in elections? Even at the local level candidates have to pass the muster of actual affiliation with the party for a required number of years, so why not raise the bar for the presidential race? That seems to be a good start. 


And if the Delegate Revolt movement really wanted to get to the core of how and why we wound up with Donald Trump as our Republican nominee, they should go for the head of the snake of this orchestrated and manipulated primary process by demanding the resignation of the RNC Chair who oversaw this hot mess and kept stoking the flames throughout the election. Reince Priebus disgraced himself as RNC Chair when he took it upon himself last May to determine which of the 17 candidates were worthy of voter consideration during the critical primetime debates, the most anticipated and highly watched venues of the election affording candidates the single best opportunity to ignite a national campaign by contrasting themselves with their GOP opponents as well as with Hillary Clinton.  Millions of voters tune in to watch the debate in primetime, and those candidates who were excluded suffered the fate of political invisibility from Priebus’ ill devised scheme to limit the field of competitors to benefit the candidates the RNC wanted to make sure got that all important boost from the national exposure of the debate.



Delegate Revolters, I ask where were you when Priebus did this, when he declared that only candidates who met a certain threshold in cherry-picked, media-created, media-hyped pop polls would be considered for the primetime debates? Cruz, Rubio, and Kasich supporters, as long as YOUR candidate made the cut, no big deal there for you. Most of you tolerated and even cheered the new debate rules that denied equal footing at the onset of this election for all candidates to be seen and heard. Trump, as well as your candidate, never had to face the challenge of all the candidates, and clearly your guys couldn’t take Trump down or even lay a glove on him. But when Fox News later turned the tables on your candidate to aid Trump, you cried foul. You might have stood up for fairness before the debates began when it truly did matter. The total absurdity Priebus brought on the party, particularly on glaring display at the October 21 CNBC Debate  with 4 candidates on the early debate stage and 10 packed like sardines on stage during primetime, is an image emblazoned forever in my mind. What a disgrace that man is, and in saner times, he would have been removed from leadership after overseeing the humiliating Romney loss to Obama in 2012. Why he’s still there after the fiasco he created during this election boggles the mind. 


Delegate Revolters, you clearly still don’t get it. Instead of calling for the removal of Priebus at or before the convention, you are sending him the sappiest, sugar dripping sweet letters of praise and support for his ability to “expand the tent” of GOP voters and doing a magnificent job overseeing this entire primary process. It truly is stomach churning watching disgruntled delegates butter up the man who manipulated the process that yielded a Trump nomination, requesting now that he help nullify the millions of votes Trump won. You may recall when Trump bellowed how unfair it was for Cruz to engage in delegate wrangling, gobbling up the majority of delegates in states Trump actually won, the RNC and Cruz campaign essentially told him to take a hike and go out and earn his delegates. And so he did. 1542 of them to be exact. And now they want to take them away from him. I understand  contested conventions of years past and how some have yielded a different nominee than the frontrunner going in to the convention, but the scenario here with Trump really stinks to high heaven—and I say that as someone who has been an on-the-record non supporter of Trump.

And while you should be targeting Priebus for removal, how about exercising some long past due political muscle and fumigate the RNC of all those wealthy moderate billionaire donors who now call all the shots and choose and fund the candidates they want for us. Are you not sick and tired of election after election being stuck with candidates who have no connection to the base party voters? Sure, party bosses and donors lost control of the process this time because they didn’t see Trump coming, but they are refusing to fund him as well.  Looks like a mighty fine opportunity to rid ourselves of these puppeteers once and for all. Be gone! Good riddance to the whole lot of them.  And finally, you need to call for a divorce between Fox News and the RNC.  Anyone who paid a modicum of attention to the last 3 election cycles knows Fox  head honcho Roger Ailes is the man behind the curtain who has the biggest say in who our nominee will be. Whoever is the recipient of the most generous and favorable coverage on Fox News becomes the GOP nominee. Every. Single. Time. It’s Ailes’ call who to cover and not on the Fox shows and this election we watched Fox News morph into Trump Campaign Central. 


So here we are with the most unlikely of candidates about to be officially nominated unless the revolt results in a coup which would undoubtedly give us a candidate who will fall far short of the broad appeal Trump proved he has with voters nationwide, and we can say hello to President Hillary Clinton. I’ve seen no evidence the delegates are interested in producing a nominee who won’t turn off all the Trump voters we now have eagerly waiting to pull the lever for him in November.

If Trump is knocked out of contention, most of these voters go along with him. Pure and simple truth.



Honoring the Voices of the Voters

So back to my wake up call. It was Rick Santorum’s remarks to Kimberly Guilfoyle on Fox News about Trump’s appeal to Democrats at that campaign rally in Monessen, PA  that really smacked me like a political 2×4.  Santorum was at that rally with Trump and was exuberant to see Democrats so hopeful and motivated by Trump’s message and policies, the same message and policies Santorum ran on in 2012 and wrote about in his 2014 book Blue Collar Conservatives in which he challenged the GOP to start focusing on issues important to everyday workers in blue collar America struggling with low wages and trying to find family sustaining jobs.

Blue Collar Conservatives Book Cover

Trump read Santorum’s book in the Summer of 2014 and rode that message into political orbit. He had the fame (and the plane) to take Santorum’s blue collar centric message to the masses who never saw or heard Santorum this time due to a targeted blackout on him. Santorum appeared even joyful at Trump’s wild success despite the fact he never had the chance to actually go toe to toe with him on the national stage and represent what are his original policies and issues others adopted for their campaigns as well. 



When Guilfoyle asked him his thoughts on the delegate revolt, Santorum seemed truly miffed that the GOP would even entertain the thought of stripping Trump of the delegates he had earned, and he adamantly declared he would stand with the voters who overwhelmingly wanted Trump. He said the RNC should honor their votes as their voices, and I have to agree with him. I don’t like this outcome, but what honor and integrity is there in a party that champions robbing Trump of what he earned, albeit with mega help from media because of his celebrity status. Yes, the 24/7 media infatuation with anything of, for, and about Donald Trump was over-the-top unfair, but you can blame the media, not Trump, for that. What was he supposed to do? Tell them “Ok, enough about me. Now you guys go and cover someone else for a change”? I’ve never heard any candidate complain about suffering from overexposure before. 




Now some questions for those NeverTrump delegates and supporters facing the reality he’s going to be the nominee.

I’ve heard those who know Trump personally or have met privately with him say the image he projects publicly is not the same persona he is when the cameras are away. Much like what I’ve heard about Rush Limbaugh who purportedly is nothing like his braggadocious on air personality. We can only hope with Trump it’s all an act with him as the ultimate American Idol figure now playing politics. This all might just have been the biggest ego trip of the century but one with global consequences, which makes the voting in November all the more important. Perhaps Donald Trump is a truly nice guy with a heart of gold, but from what I’ve heard and seen from and about him in the public arena, the character issue clearly is off the table now and we are down to agenda and policy. No one will hear me defending Trump or justifying the outrageous things he has said and done recently and over the years. I’m concerned how the policies and agendas of Trump and Clinton will affect this nation and my family should either one take up residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. And I’m deeply concerned about what kind of Commander In Chief we are hiring for our military.

That said….


Is there anything evil or sinister about Donald Trump’s policies and agenda? NO

Does Trump hate America and want to put the pedal to the medal in bringing Obama’s fundamental transformation to completion? NO

Are the policies Trump is putting out there policies that will benefit this country and our citizens and even reverse a lot of the damage 8 years of Obama has wrought on us? YES

Does Donald Trump love America? Undoubtedly YES.


 I have zero doubt what America looks like under a President Hillary Clinton. No doubt whatsoever. 

If Trump surrounds himself with strong conservative leaders in his administration, including a co-pilot in the second in command slot who fully is able to be president who can advise and guide him to do the right thing, I can far more than stomach voting for him because I do support most of his policy prescriptions.

Fact is, Donald Trump’s issues and polices mirror those of my candidate of choice since 2011, Rick Santorum.  Few out there are aware Donald Trump built his presidential run on Santorum’s aforementioned book and took the issues and policy prescriptions therein to focus on the 6 million voters in blue collar America Santorum accurately identified who haven’t voted Republican in decades and even have sat out recent elections all together. These voters were Santorum’s focus in 2012 and he proved then he had their ears and touched their hearts all the way to the ballot box. 



A Model Statesman Shows the Way


Disgruntled delegate revolters should realize that if anyone has reason to be angry about the outcome of this primary it’s Rick Santorum.  If anyone is the real victim here, he certainly is. This unprecedented total snub by the party and media of a previous election’s powerhouse runner up is because as an authentic conservative in word and deed, Santorum is not establishment approved. He’s not from the good old boys network of milquetoast moderates who now control and fund the party. Imagine being routinely left off all the polls for 2016, never discussed in any of the political punditry in advance of and during the 2016 race, relegated by the party Chair to “undercard” status and locked into the barely viewed “kiddie table” debates, watching YOUR campaign message and issues being taken by another candidate who rode them into political poll orbit and into the history books all the while you and your campaign get the same treatment of the residents of that dust speck in Horton Hears a Who. Though he called out the party bosses and specifically Fox News for blackballing him all election, Santorum is not bitter about it. He has moved on. How many of you could do that? I’ve never heard him cry foul that other candidates (namely Trump) hijacked his campaign and were being credited with what was the most unique and wildly popular campaign message and agenda any Republican had since Reagan. He seems at peace with how things turned out and can have the personal satisfaction knowing that he was 100% correct in his assertion that his message focused on voters struggling on Main Street America, not Wall St. America, would win people over in droves. In truth, Rick Santorum is the unsung hero of this election cycle and the most influential political figure in modern history despite media going out of their way to avoid even mentioning him. He is indeed a golden soul. 



 For Santorum, it’s never been about getting the credit for what he says or does. He just cares about getting the job done. He wrote Blue Collar Conservatives in 2014 as a challenge for the GOP to refocus on everyday working Americans and encouraged candidates for office and sitting office holders to read it and adopt his message and polices not just to unify the party but to unify the country. For as many major pieces of legislation he authored, fought for, led on, and successfully passed with bipartisan support and even signed into law by a Democrat president , there are just as many bills of significance he persuaded Democrats to sponsor and let them get the credit for it. That’s a true statesman, not a politician. It’s not all about him as we now see is the new norm with freshman senators frequently misusing the Senate Floor to grandstand about themselves, making themselves the center of every issue – complete with a handy dandy premeditated hashtag at the ready for all important PAC fundraising in their pursuit of higher office because, after all, they “stood up!” — and did so for hours on end without having to take a potty break. Stuff like this enthralls the throngs of conservative talk jocks out there and sends them into a perpetual swoon. These political stunts of late have become the preferred campaign-for-higher-office launching vehicle for politicians lacking in the experience and accomplishments department traditionally considered necessary for the job. 

 What Santorum has and offers in his leadership experience and knock-your-socks off impressive body of work is refreshing and exactly what we need in this administration and more importantly, on the Presidential team.


THE Winning Ticket: Trump/Santorum2016


Vets rally handshake


I can’t think of a better team to Take Back America and Make America Great Again than the dynamic duo of a Trump/Santorum ticket. The melding of their two campaign themes is picture perfect. Trump clearly saw the genius in Santorum’s appeal to blue collar America and how well he did in 2012 with that message. I don’t doubt Trump gets it and really wants to do right by this country, but his campaign has largely been a skeletal framework of the issues Santorum laid out and championed. 

For Santorum, these have been at the core of his beliefs and who he is, and he provides the real meat on the bones necessary to flesh out those policies and serve them to the public in a totally digestible feast of America strengthening ideas and solutions we’ve long been starving for.


Rick Santorum is perhaps the most effective, articulate, passionate, persuasive public speaker and communicator of our time and his youthful exuberance, energy, winsomeness, encyclopedic intelligence, and all around good naturedness and likeability have listeners near spellbound when he speaks. Pull up any of the hundreds of videos of him on youtube and cspan and you can nearly hear a pin drop as he communicates truth many in the audience have never heard before.  He’s not one out there tossing red meat oneliners for the next round of raucous applause. People actually listen to him and absorb what he says instead of reacting to him like trained circus seals. Just one example is his poignant and riveting speech at The Family Leadership Summit in Iowa in August 2014. Watch and see why Trump supporters like Rick Santorum so much, especially on his totally realistic, dobable, muscular immigration policy and economic and tax plan to bring manufacturing jobs back to American shores:  

Trump can bring in the crowds. Santorum can get them to actually listen and think for a change.

That is clear teamwork we need to get voters on board with the message and policies both men stand for and know will get America working again.




And when it comes to the fact the President must consider the full health and well being of the nation, Trump cannot ignore the most pressing moral and cultural issues that affect our society at every level. The breakdown of the nuclear family is the root of all societal ills as Santorum years ago pointed out, and the next president must have policy addressing this reality with solutions that come not from the federal government but from a clear minded message to inspire and facilitate local communities, churches, businesses, etc. to take up the cause to do their part in helping knit back the fabric of the American family. No one so beautifully weaves the narrative of how these social and cultural issues are inextricably connected to the economic and societal health of our nation like Rick Santorum does.  Donald Trump seems reticent, uncomfortable to touch these issues because maybe they just don’t resonate with him or because he just doesn’t know how, so the beauty of Rick Santorum as his VP is Trump can tap him to take on this vital block of public policy and be the administration’s official spokesman on such matters. America won’t be great again as long as we have continued breakdown of the family requiring more and more government intervention in the lives of single mothers and broken homes. A refocus on strengthening families is desperately needed and this is Santorum’s wheelhouse.



A Track Record and Battle Tested Against the Clinton Machine

Donald Trump would do well to have a running mate who has successfully legislated on every single issue of this election with the added bonus of having gone toe to toe with Hillary and the Clinton machine. Santorum has done that repeatedly and won. In 1994 Santorum took on the author of Hillarycare in his first Senate race and beat him even with the entire Soros-funded Clinton machine setting up shop in Pennsylvania all election to try to take Santorum out.


When Hillary boasts she helped put sanctions on Iran, Rick Santorum can rightly call her out because it was HIS sanctions bill she voted against before she finally voted for it.  When Hillary boasts about her husband “ending welfare as we know it” by signing into law the historic Welfare Reform Act of 1996, Santorum can boldly counter he was the primary author of that bill as a young congressman who just days into his first Senate term was tasked by Senate leadership to manage that bill. He led on, fought on, debated on, and negotiated that bill successfully into passage with bipartisan support, through 2 vetoes by Hillary’s husband before finally getting it passed into law. 

Santorum fought diligently for years on his bill to outlaw the heinous procedure of partial birth abortion and in 2003 took Hillary on in a Senate Floor debate where he so masterfully exposed her for the true extremist on this issue she really is: an advocate of infanticide.  He was there in the Senate when she was there, and can call her out time and again for being on the wrong side of every issue. BOOM! She is not going to get away with lying about her record when Santorum is there to set the facts straight.



In 1995 Rick Santorum wrote his veritable masterpiece of conservative thought and policy prescriptions It Takes a Family to counter Hillary’s big government, nanny statist, secular humanist manifesto It Takes a Village.  The clash of worldviews here is one our nation has begged to have debated in the spotlight of a national campaign. Trump can turn Santorum lose to put Hillary on the hotseat to defend her indefensible positions on the most societal shaking issues we cannot afford to allow her to use as the battering ram all Democrats routinely use against us in every election. Both Trump and Santorum go on offense, Trump on a host of issues he is well versed in and Santorum well suited for this battle of ideologies, and then some. Time to put the Democrat on defense for a change. On these issues, no one comes close to Santorum as the ultimate warrior and defender of life, marriage, faith and family.  Trump needs to win over the large conservative and mostly Christian base of the party, and Santorum has the distinction of having earned their trust and support for many years.

It Takes A Family book



As foreign policy and national security is now front and center in this election, Trump critically needs a VP who is steeped in these matters from leadership experience, and again, Santorum is matchless in this qualification. Recall it was Rick Santorum, alone, over a dozen years ago who not only warned about but took proactive measures both legislatively and very publicly on the threat of a nuclear Iran, the rise of radical Islam, and a coming global Islamic Caliphate and chastised President George W. Bush for not properly identifying our enemy as radial Islam.  He bucked against his own party and president as well as Democrats on these issues and was even told to shut up by his own party because he was labeled a loon and a fearmonger; but he refused to do so and for this he was swept out in his last election with the wave of other Republicans that year during an unpopular war and with an equally unpopular president. We see now the great courage, wisdom, and foresight he demonstrated years ago because everything he warned about is now playing out in our daily headlines and is front and center in this election. Rick Santorum has often been referenced the American Churchill of our time, and rightly so.  When ISIS singles you out in their online magazine as their enemy and when the Iranian government responds to your op-ed criticizing the Obama/Iranian nuke deal, it’s safe to say you are perceived by the enemy of America as someone they see as a leader and someone to reckon with. They know who Rick Santorum is, and he knows who they are. 

Here is a list of some of Rick Santorum’s major legislation he authored and led on to successful bipartisan passage and into law: 


Iran Freedom and Support Act
Syria Accountability Act
Iranian sanctions
Partial Birth Abortion Ban
Born Alive Infant Protection Act
Unborn Victims of Violence Act
Workplace Religious Freedom Act 


All Santorum’s bills he fought for, led on, negotiated, and got through passage with bipartisan support, truly unheard of for such a stalwart of conservativsm in D.C.

Here is a doer, not just a talker. Trump needs someone who has successfully navigated Congress and gotten big things done and without caving on principle or becoming part of the D.C. culture and suffering the corrosiveness of character that comes with it . For a non-establishment Republican to have done this is unheard of. Santorum is indeed a rarity in modern day politics.

He championed and led on legislation to combat global AIDS, poverty issues, voted against bad trade deals like NAFTA to protect American jobs, led on border security and strong enforcement of immigration laws, faith and family policy, energy, manufacturing, agriculture, environmental issues, tax policy, education, special needs issues, and every issue under the Sun. Just days into his freshman term Santorum took to the Senate floor to challenge Democrat Senate codger Robert Byrd on the Balanced Budget Amendment. As a young congressman he was in the Gang of 7 who exposed the House post office and banking scandal resulting in legislators in both parties being prosecuted for breaking the law. For his monumental, unprecedented work in passing the Welfare Act of 1996, young Senator Rick Santorum was dubbed “Rookie of the Year” by senior members of his party impressed with his stick-to-itiveness and natural ability to work with legislators from both sides of the aisle amicably and persuasively. When is the last time anyone has achieved something similar? For Santorum, it’s his M.O. 

He was the original D.C. boatrocker who, despite his tenacity and feistiness, earned the respect of his party leaders and quickly rose to the third highest position in the Senate. 

There is so much more I can say about Rick Santorum as a person. Faithful husband to his wife Karen of 26 years, dutiful and loving father of 7 remarkable children, strong man of faith and prayer, a humble servant of God, country, and family. His character is impeccable and he’s probably the most squeaky clean political figure I can recall, and unlike the near entire GOP field this time, Santorum never engaged in the personal food fight of this election and maintains good favor and respect from Trump and his supporters. In fact, Trump supporters are quite fond of Santorum as evidenced on twitter and facebook. He is the consensus candidate who can bring the feuding Never Trump and Never Cruz voters together on common ground to unify the party for the general election.  Unlike most governors lacking name and face recognition outside of their states, Rick Santorum doesn’t need to be introduced to America. We know who he is. America loves “Bella’s Dad.” With just under 4 months of official campaigning before the general election, that alone is a major plus for Trump. And there is not a more tenacious, dedicated campaigner than Rick Santorum. You’d be hard pressed to find anyone with a better and stronger work ethic. 



If Donald Trump demonstrates the wisdom of tapping Rick Santorum for his Vice President, I will enthusiastically support this ticket and do my best to help any way I can.  This would be the second smartest thing Trump could ever do aside from having read Santorum’s book in the first place. 


I’ll end with this golden fact nugget.

Donald Trump and Rick Santorum are the only 2 Republican presidential candidates since Reagan who proved they can win the votes of disaffected Democrats.

 Want more? Go to this site to see why Rick Santorum is the perfect complement in every way imaginable to serve as Donald Trump’s Vice President. 


Formidable- Stealth- Unmatched #PickRick4VP

 Let’s paint the GOP in bold bluecollar hues from here on out and let’s go out and win this thing for ALL Americans!


Trump Santorum Unstoppable