Part 2: Cruz on Immigration: An Investigative Report

This post was contributed by guest blogger, Facts Matter.

Resolution: Unraveling the Truth by systematically examining the evidence


Cruz #4


(C ) RESOLUTION: How to resolve the 2013 Narrative as compared to December 2015?

Let’s look at “The latest claims of Ted Cruz arising from the December 15, 2015 debate which found him claiming seven things”. We will then compare Direct and Circumstantial Evidence for or against the opposing narratives. I will start with Bullet point 4 it flows better that way.

  1. December 2015 Claim #4: Ted Cruz’s “No Citizenship Amendment” was meant as part of a strategy or a Poison Pill to defeat the Gang of Eight Legislation.

Cruz’s latest argument is that his amendments were part of a tactic to kill the legislation or a Poison Pill. When the Gang of Eight Legislation started Cruz stated that the Citizenship Requirement in the original legislation was in fact a Poison Pill (not his amendment) and that if left intact the legislation would be destroyed.  at 50:30.

S.744 the Gang of Eight Amnesty legislation was introduced into the Senate on 4/16/2013. In this Hannity audio 4/1/2013 (15 days prior to the legislation introduction) and prior to Ted Cruz apparently having seen the legislation (stated in the audio) Cruz was already claiming a Path to Citizenship in the Legislation would be a Poison Pill:

April 30, 2015 (2 years later after the legislation passed the Senate) 1:31:50-1:32:50

The difference between the 2 claims is the difference between night and day. What Ted Cruz did according to his original claims was he attempted to save the legislation by removing the Poison Pill Citizenship Provisions; which would have set the legislation up for a much better chance of passage in Ted Cruz’s own opinion. This would have also set into motion the passage of a massive Amnesty, via Legal status and Workers Permits for 11+ million Illegal immigrants.

If Ted Cruz’s 2013 claim wasn’t true that the Citizenship Requirement was the Poison Pill and that his 2015 claim that his Amendment was the Poison Pill is true: Why did Ted Cruz continue to April 30, 2015 selling the 2013 scenario that the Citizenship requirement was in fact the Poison Pill (Hot Air video above)?

The end result was the Amendments on the Opposition’s part was they failed and were not adopted to the legislation. The Gang of Eight Legislation then easily passed the Senate by a Yea-Nay Vote of 68-32 and over a year later it died in the House of Representatives of a Natural Death at the end of the 2014 Congressional Calendar year. Note: Thus Ted Cruz was correct in his prediction that the Legislation would die with the Citizenship Provisions included. The Legislation died and was destroyed as it should have been. This also supports Cruz’s original opinion that the Poison Pill was the Citizenship Requirement in the Legislation. (Any argument by Ted Cruz that this path was his actual plan makes no sense. If it was, why did he even go through the motions of attempting to save legislation he said was destined to die?)

  1. December 2015 Claim #5: Ted Cruz’s and others portrayal of Ted Cruz as the Night in Shining Armor that destroyed the legislation with one swift strike of ingenious strategy revolving around his Amendment or Amendments to the Gang of Eight legislation.

Well fact is, none of Ted Cruz’s so claimed Poison Pill Amendments passed and they stopped nothing, as the Gang of Eight Legislation overwhelmingly passed the Senate 68-32. Senator Ted Cruz stopped nothing the bill passed and this is not much different, in my opinion, than his various other grandstanding performances that have also failed. I can find no major legislative accomplishment to date that Ted Cruz has passed in the Senate.

After passing the Senate the legislation went to the House of Representatives and over a year later it died in the House a Natural Death at the End of the 2014 Congressional Calendar year as a result of: The House not being able to come to an passable legislative agreement, an upcoming election cycle, and on the heels of the enormous Public Outcry against the legislation, organized by citizen’s and citizen organizations at the Grass Roots Level. Grassroots outcry’s that have destroyed Amnesty Legislation continuously over the last decade, long before Ted Cruz was in the Senate. Ted Cruz declaring he destroyed the legislation is ludicrous and disingenuous to the American People that fought so valiantly to stop the legislation and succeeded.

  1. December 2015 Claim #6: Ted Cruz’s latest claim that all five of his Amendments were intended as Poison Pill Amendments.

December 18, 2015 On the Record with Greta was the first time I remember ever hearing Ted Cruz state this, until I found this next article below. This claim of Ted Cruz makes no sense. Ted Cruz only recently in November 2015 recanted and walked back his Legal Immigration proposals of: Doubling legal Immigration and raising HIB Visa’s 5 fold from 65,000 to 325,000 after he started getting hammered on the campaign trail.

Once again even before the Gang of Eight Amnesty legislation was introduced into the Senate 4/16/2013. Cruz was already utilizing some of his Legal Immigration talking points that he later used to promote his Amendments in the Gang of Eight. Listen again to this Hannity audio 4/1/13 (15 days prior to the legislation introduced)

In all appearances his changes in position on immigration are most likely done out of Political Expediency and Survival. Ted Cruz does claims to have a new 11 page Immigration proposal since November (how convenient) but I have yet to locate an official version, I am eager to analyze it.

As a matter of fact Cruz touted his same so claimed 5 Poison Pill Amendments all the way till at least April 30, 2015 (Note: almost 2 yrs after it passed the Senate and 4 months after the legislation officially died): 131:50-132:15.

If we are to buy Ted Cruz’s claim that all 5 of his amendments were poison pills amendments than we would have to conclude: ALL of the approximately dozen amendments put forward by the four Opposition Senator’s to the legislation were all Poison Pill Amendments. Never heard of a case where a dozen poison pill amendments were used to kill anything, no wonder Ted Cruz failed with the strategy to stop the legislation.

The time table here disqualifies any logical truth to Ted Cruz’s latest claim of 5 Poison Pill Amendments.

  1. December 2015 Claim #7: That Mike Lee and Jeff Sessions support for Senator Cruz in the disagreement between Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio unquestionable backs up Ted Cruz, as being the Honest Broker and Rubio a liar.

2 Big facts and issues here:                                                                         

  1. While being a couple of my most favorite Senators, it appears Mike Lee & Jeff Sessions are also sadly implicated in support for a legal status Amnesty, as they have a vested interest and role in the Opposition Amendments. In the Dear Colleagues letter from “On the Record with Greta” they both supported the amendments and signed the same letter as Ted Cruz which supported legal status after a trigger occurs. I will note it does appear Mike lee himself did not have any such amendments that connected legal status but he did support those amendments that did, along with the other Opposition Senators.  Video here
  2. Very Interesting that the narrative of the story line between these 3 Senators: Ted Cruz, Jeff Sessions, and Mike Lee do not match as to what occurred.

Ted Cruz has attempted to play it both ways beginning with the 2013 narrative that is was a compromise and Citizenship in the legislation was the Poison Pill and ending in December 2015 that it  was a well laid out strategic plan to destroy the legislation on the back of his Poison Pill Amendments.

Mike Lee’s Dec 2015 defense of Ted Cruz followed the 2013 narrative, that it was a compromise solution to somehow salvage the legislation:

Jeff Session’s sadly seems to take the December 2015 position that Ted Cruz was attempting to destroyed the legislation:

End Part 2: