Steve Deace, Rick Santorum, and the Reagan Democrat Zombie Apocalypse

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Are Candidates Courting the Walking Dead? 

Has anyone checked up on Iowa talk jock Steve Deace lately? I’m a bit worried about him because the candidate he endorsed and is vigorously campaigning for, Ted Cruz, sees dead people. Not only does he see them but he’s even dressing like them and aggressively courting them for votes. They are everywhere in Iowa and across the nation. Millions of them, in fact. No, not deceased Democrats still on voter rolls. I’m talking about those Reagan Democrats Deace proclaimed in 2014 were long dead and gone.  Remember them?  Those blue collar conservatives who turned out in droves to give Reagan two landslide victories? Yeah, those guys.  Turns out Steve Deace was wrong after all.  They DO exist! Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and most candidates in this race see them, too, and are making a major play for their support and votes as well. Either there still is a substantial, recently awakened Rip Van Winkle remnant of Reagan Democrats leftover from the 80’s or there’s been a massive resurrection from the grave and we now have millions of Zombie Reagan Democrats living and working among us, just in time for the 2016 election. It’s a zombie apocalypse of Reagan Democrat voters! They have descended upon this election and turned Donald Trump, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz, and others into bomber jacketed, flannel shirted, red ball capped presidential wannabes desperately trying to convince the everyday working American that they know and understand them and really do care about THEM, not just about business owners and Corporate America bosses and Wall Street fat cats.

The first mention of these Reagan Democrats tumbling from the mouth of Ted Cruz during his announcement speech March of last year ought to have sent Cruz uber enthusiast Deace into full cardiac arrest or at the least shocked the daylights out of him because according to Deace, Reagan Democrats are extinct. On his May 7, 2014 radio show, Deace, in reponse to my comment and question on his website, declared Reagan Democrats had all died out or had become Republicans or Independents after the era of Reagan ended.  Deace had just praised Rand Paul for his “outreach” at a liberal university to court voters who don’t share the base values and principles traditionally espoused by the Republican Party in an effort, as Paul said, to expand the party. (Personally I believe Paul was there fishing for votes for himself for a 2016 presidential run since the chances are slim to none these students and faculty there would have any interest whatsoever in joining up with the family values crowd in the GOP.) I wrote to Deace that I’d much prefer the GOP adopt  Rick Santorum’s plan to reach those blue collar Reagan Democrats out there who do share the traditional values of our party but don’t hear us speaking to them or about their issues, that I’d prefer we not attempt to “expand the tent” by inviting the pro-pot, pro-LGBT, anti-war Code Pink types into our party.  I referred Deace to Rick Santorum’s stellar new book  Blue Collar Conservatives — Recommitting to an America That Works and suggested Santorum’s message was exactly what the GOP needed to rebuild our party and also unite the country. Deace saw my comment and replied for me to tune in to his program that night for his answer. And so I did. He answered, and how.


 “Reagan Democrats Don’t Exist Anymore”

Deace read and critiqued excerpts from my comment to him without mentioning Santorum’s name or his book I had referenced,  and the clear message he conveyed was that Santorum’s premise was a crock with no basis in reality since Deace, the political expert he is, knew beyond the shadow of a doubt that all these Reagan Democrats Santorum wrote about are either pushing up daisies or have been absorbed into non Democrat political factions. The implication was that this message and political strategy is out of touch. That’s the message Deace wanted to communicate to his listeners in his condescending response to me, to further ingrain that Santorum’s message I referenced is from a bygone era and is now politically irrelevant. Loud. And. Clear.

In his on air mini rant about my obviously ignorant suggestion that the GOP take a cue from Santorum and try to win back these Reagan Democrats who are in limbo between both parties now, Deace lit into me, likening me to a judgmental Pharisee for not wanting to reach out to the more socially liberal crowd Rand Paul was courting, that my comments were a turn off to voters outside of our party. As I see it, appealing to voters who don’t share our traditional values by speaking on common issues that might get them to vote with us is one thing and trying to recruit them into the party is quite another. You think there’s plenty of infighting in the party already? Imagine an influx of social liberals hooked and reeled in by Paul via his libertine message. NO, thank you. I prefer Rick Santorum’s way of going to liberal universities to fully communicate and articulate conservatism to change minds and hearts, to make people think for a change; not the Rand Paul strategy to butter them up with their own language and views to prove you agree with them. I believe the GOP must remain strong and unified on the right side of the culture wars.  So after roundly chastising me for being a political prude, Deace went on a tear passionately denouncing the existence of Reagan Democrats.

In referencing my comment to him he said:

“In essence she says ‘You’re totally ignoring a large segment of the voting public out there that does largely share our values but either votes Democrat or not at all the Reagan Democrats.’ No I’m not ignoring them. They don’t exist anymore. They’re not there. That’s the 80’s. They don’t exist. The manufacturing base, you know, Rick Santorum is correct, we’ve lost our manufacturing base. That’s who those people were. Those jobs don’t exist anymore. That’s a different demographic. Those folks are not there anymore. Reagan Democrats don’t exist anymore. They’re all Republicans now or Independents, and their numbers are dwindling. When I’m talking about losing the Middle Class I’m not talking about Reagan Democrats. I’m talking about families where dad might be a, you know, middle manager and mom might be a teacher. Or mom might be an administrative assistant or an accountant. That’s what I’m talking about. The idea, there’s not a legion of voters working on these assembly lines, they don’t exist anymore. I come from Michigan. I watched all the plants close. It’s called my childhood. Those jobs don’t exist. Which is sad, it’s tragic. But that demographic you think exists does NOT exist.”

Pretty shocking stuff in light of all the hoopla in this race now to win over those blue collar Reagan Democrat voters. In fact that is the exact voting base Donald Trump has targeted and is winning over in epic proportions with the blue collar message he, um, borrowed, from Santorum’s book.



Dang, Those Blasted Archives!

All the more revealing to me is how vociferously Deace denounced the existence of these Reagan Democrats in conjunction with my mention of Rick Santorum but just 2 years earlier Deace, himself, had penned an op-ed about the 2012 general election referencing the importance of Reagan Democrats to both the Romney and Obama campaigns. Say what??

I recalled reading something from Deace a while back I was certain he said about this demographic of voters, and a quick search of his archives hit pay dirt and here, in his own words, is his acknowledgement of these critically needed Reagan Democrats in 2012:

“Obama has opened up a fault line within his own party. In 2008 Obama ran as a traditional Democrat populist. The soaring rhetoric about bringing America’s disparate people groups together, along with the narrative of voting for America’s first black president, unified Reagan Democrats and enough right-of-center independents to create Obama’s winning coalition. However, in 2012 those groups are now up for grabs because they did not get what they previously paid for. Instead, what they got was a hard-left, progressive-educated former college professor/community organizer from the Ward Churchill wing of the party.”

Kinda odd, dontcha think? How is it that all these voters existed in 2012 when Romney and Obama really needed them but not in 2014 when Rick Santorum writes a book about them? So does Deace suffer from short term memory loss or was he intentionally trying to submarine Rick Santorum before the 2016 race even started by making his message look out of touch? If these voters existed in 2012, what happened to them in the span of 2 short years so Deace could slam Santorum’s blue collar message as irrelevant for the 2016 election?



Part 2


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How Do You Like Your Plate of Crow?

I’m not attempting to get inside Deace’s head (which could prove to be a very scary place indeed) but one has to conclude he had some motive here to damage Santorum in the ears of his listeners, many who see Deace as their political guru and go to guy, their Pied Piper of sorts, trusting him to do their vetting for them. That is quite scary.

Deace didn’t quite expect to have his own Reagan Democrat-acknowledging article dug up and thrown back at him, but that is what he got on twitter, and the plate of crow was delivered with gusto, complete with the link to his article and piggybacked with articles of, by, and about blue collar Reagan Democrats. He didn’t like it. Not one bit. A twitter storm on his timeline ensued and he was bombarded with his own words coming back to haunt him after misleading his listeners that Santorum’s message was irrelevant. He also was roundly challenged during the twitterstorm for lumping Santorum in with Mitt Romney in supporting a minimum wage increase, falsely leaving listeners with the impression that Santorum, who supports a modest increase of .50 a year for 3 years, actually sided with Obama and the Democrats for the job killing, business ending living wage. Deace exploded on the air the following night reprimanding tweeters who filled his timeline with the truth, and he blocked many, compared us to the infamous Paulbots who dominated social media in 2012, and slapped us with the label of Santorum Drones or Sandrones and, incredibly, accused us of “worshipping” Santorum. Deace is well known for his intimidation tactics of trying to shut down enthusiastic supporters of any candidate other than Ted Cruz and even coined the juvenile term “slappy” to describe them. He declared he had to block us and threatened to take out his frustration on Santorum. I won’t go into further details but it got rather ugly. Actually I think Deace truly was shocked to see Santorum has people out here who have his back for him like this outside of an election year. Deace never once mentioned the actual reason for the twitterstorm, never once acknowledged that he, himself, had written about the importance of Reagan Democrats in the 2012 election and it was his hypocrisy and dishonesty that ignited the twitterstorm in the first place. Unless you followed this on twitter, you’d never have known this. I believe in shining the light of truth, so now you know the rest of the story. Steve Deace got served back a big dose of pushback to what he dishes out regularly. 


Political Kingmaker or Political Manipulator? 

I’ve appreciated the content of many of Deace’s shows and have enjoyed listening to him and his guests on the occasions I’ve been able to tune in. He’s a pretty decent talk host and a good writer as well,  but he’s become quite the obnoxious talk show schoolyard bully since the emergence of Ted Cruz on the political scene. Deace has been in a perpetual swoon over him since 2013 and it’s been quite a tightrope act for him to give the impression he’s been vetting ALL the candidates fairly for 2016 when he’s been actively organizing behind the scenes and on the air building up for a Ted Cruz presidential run and using his airwaves bully pulpit and his sweet national journalistic gigs to heavily indoctrinate his listeners and readers in the way of Cruz. I suspected as much after watching Deace’s reaction to Cruz’s maiden speech in Iowa in July 2013. Deace was as giddy as a starry eyed tween-ager on the front row at her first rock concert, super satiated from Cruz’s red meat studded speech, and he proclaimed to the media feeding frenzy there that the freshman senator, barely half a year in office, was top presidential timber for 2016, even acknowledging he had a “mancrush” on him. Now, if that doesn’t fit Deace’s definition of a “slappy” I don’t know what does. 

Goal number one was to make sure Ted Cruz is the 2016 GOP nominee by promoting him ad nauseam and lassoing in as many big name endorsements for Cruz in Iowa and in early voting states as possible. Essentially Deace’s radio show appears to now serve as an extension of the Cruz campaign and he probably should register that with the FEC. This pretty much explains why Deace wants Santorum’s 2012 success erased from the minds of voters for 2016. The return of the gutsy, scrappy 2012 underdog for the 2016 election would be the worst possible scenario for Deace because Cruz would be making a major play for Santorum supporters from 2012. Santorum had to be put out of sight and out of mind for 2016, and Deace has the tools and gravitas at his disposal to help achieve that goal to some degree, especially with Iowa voters; or so he leads on that he has this kind of power or whatnot. Since Santorum’s entry in the 2016 race last May, Deace’s scorn for Santorum and his chances at a 2012 repeat has been anything but subtle, and he’s managed to amass a substantial partnership and following to aid the Cruz campaign in in all out effort to scarf up Santorum supporters from 2012. Whether or not his efforts pan out won’t be known until the voting in Iowa on February 1. Remember, Deace endorsed Newt Gingrich in 2011 and we see how that worked out for him. True, the difference is Deace endorsed months early this time and has been aggressively involved with the Cruz campaign for the last few years, but Deace’s self importance in this race seems overblown and to listen to him, you’d have to conclude practically every Iowan sees him as their sage personal political guru he makes himself out to be. 

Despite penning a few quasi-positive articles about Santorum and his chances for a 2016 comeback, Deace’s disdain for him as a  presidential candidate for 2016 is no secret, and he routinely relegates him to just being a nice, likeable guy, very knowledgeable on all the issues, but washed up politically. He’s made this point the very few times he’s even mentioned Santorum on his show. Not too many hosts on conservative talk radio have marginalized Santorum as a presidential contender as much as Deace, so it was no surprise to me how he totally dissed the premise of Santorum’s book which was getting critical praise and rave reviews from most of the national  conservative talk hosts including Mark LevinMichael Medved , Hugh Hewitt, Laura Ingraham, Sean Hannity , and other political heavyweights and commentators across the country. Deace is the only radio host I’ve heard pooh pooh Santorum’s blue collar message and denounce the existence of Reagan Democrats along with the possibility that American manufacturing jobs will ever be a reality again. I imagine had Ted Cruz written this book instead, Deace would have shouted its brilliance from the mountaintops. You can bet on that.  I have noticed that the two national talk hosts who have been very openly shilling for Cruz for some time, Deace and Rush Limbaugh, are the only two who have intentionally avoided any mentions of Santorum’s book whatsoever. 



Rick manufacturing plant

Reagan Democrats Heart Rick Santorum

Not since Reagan has any Republican focused attention and policy on blue collar America, and in 2012 Rick Santorum proved his mettle and muster as a  true champion of workers in Middle America who were frustrated with both parties as he and his message connected and resonated with voters across the South, the Heartland, and Rustbelt areas of America in those critical swing states starving for a real plan to revitalize manufacturing and other blue collar jobs. His campaign came out of nowhere from low single digits within days to win the Iowa Caucus and it caught fire from there taking Santorum to win 10 more states and more counties than the rest of the GOP field combined before he was forced to suspend in April. Against incredible odds, with a skeletal staff and being outspent by epic proportions, and with practically no media attention, Santorum proved that message and messenger, not big money and staff, is what wins over voters’ hearts and minds. The underdog family values, blue collar and small town America champion and foreign policy heavyweight nearly took out the billionaire funded Corporate America millionaire Mitt Romney in a race destined for the political history books. In the end, Santorum came up short when funds dried up as voters fell victim to the 24/7 establishment, media, and Romney campaign mantra that the primaries were dragging on too long creating nearly irreparable fissures in the party and it was time to end it and rally around the candidate who had the most money. And so they did. Santorum had the fire in the belly to take the race all the way to the convention if necessary, but you can’t run a campaign on fumes. He was able to stretch his meager (compared to Romney’s) funds enough to keep his David vs Goliath campaign going and it was the voters, not Santorum, who lost heart and gave in to the establishment drumbeat. Santorum for his valiant efforts, has the 6th highest vote and state tally in political history for a runner up to the party nomination. Pretty astonishing feat considering his humble shoestring campaign. His strong performance in 2012 is something no one can deny, yet Deace has treated it like a political fluke to diminish Santorum in advance of Cruz for 2016 instead of seizing on the tremendous opportunity to build on Santorum’s success for the next race, exactly like Reagan’s supporters did for him in 1980 after his similarly heroic run in 1976. That is a sure fire way to win. But Deace has placed his bets on propelling an inexperienced newbie into the spotlight in an effort to repeat Santorum’s feat with a new face in a now much more crowded and divided field of cookie cutter candidates.

Deace, to his credit, though, a few months after his on air tirade, did offer Santorum the opportunity to sub host for him while on vacation, and Santorum had 3 hours to talk about his book and take calls from listeners. Now, that sounds like a very benevolent gesture for Deace to do that, and I’m not saying it wasn’t. It was a terrific show and Santorum was enlightening, engaging, and winsome. But I have to point out that having Santorum on to talk about his book on Reagan Democrats excused Deace from ever mentioning Santorum’s book on his show. Maybe this was Deace’s olive branch after his own words from two years earlier came back to haunt him, twitter style, or perhaps jog his memory (well, that might be giving him too much credit here) but not once, that I’m aware of, did he ever reference Santorum’s book on any of his shows despite all the positive buzz it was getting on most major talk shows and in political circles. Since the twitterstorm episode, Deace has avoided the words “Reagan Democrats” and oddly refers to them as “blue collar Catholics.” I’m relatively sure that there are quite a few evangelicals and people of other faiths as well as the non-religious who make up that demographic of voter, so renaming these Reagan Democrats as “blue collar Catholics” seems really a bit off the wall. The reality is, Santorum’s book has become the framework for nearly every candidate’s message in the 2016 race.  




Part 3


Rick Family Leader 2014

Steal the Message. Bury the Messenger

In August 2014 a number of likely presidential candidates, including Rick Santorum, spoke at The Family Leadership Summit in Iowa, and Deace did an extensive analysis judging the candidates’ speeches on his radio shows with a major focus on crowd reaction. It was at this summit that Santorum took a major detour from the typical pre-campaign stump speeches you’d expect to hear and dished out true meat and potatoes blue collar, solutions-based fare, not political rock candy to put the audience on a sugar high. He threw down the gauntlet on immigration policy, blasting both parties for exploiting the immigration issue at the expense of American workers and their wages. It was the most poignant, substantive speech of the summit, yet the only candidates who got any media attention for being there were those who chummed the audience with frequent applause-inducing, clever one liners and smack talk about how bad Obama and the Republican Party leadership were. Santorum is not one looking for the next applause line. He’d much rather his audience actually listen and digest what he says, not immediately react to it. During most of Santorum’s speeches I’ve watched or heard, for the majority of the speech you could likely hear a pin drop. It’s not because the audience wasn’t listening or was turned off, it’s because the subject matter and the seriousness of his message was full of tough truths they needed to hear, not what would tickle their ears. 

Santorum’s blue collar message was not overlooked by pro-American worker immigration watchdog groups NumbersUSA and VDare, both who roundly praised Santorum, alone, for putting the American worker first in his immigration policy. Despite the media blackout on Santorum, presidential wannabes were taking sharp notice of his message, and in January 2015 some emerged onto the campaign scene regurgitating much of Santorum’s blue collar message and policy near verbatim.

First Scott Walker, then Donald Trump, followed by Marco Rubio and now even Ted Cruz, all are now blue collar conservatives – at least they portray themselves that way. All have hijacked Santorum’s unique blue collar message and policies and are targeting those millions of Reagan Democrats that haven’t voted for a Republican president since Reagan.  If not for Rick Santorum’s tremendous success in 2012 and the blueprint he laid out in his book to unite this country and get it working again, we’d have every Republican presidential candidate running on the same old stale pro-business, anti-tax, smaller government message of the Romney campaign microwaved over for 2016.  Seems everyone wants to be a blue collar conservative now, and those at the top of the national popularity polls are running on Santorum’s message and have adopted his policies as their own. They only get away with doing this because of the total primetime media blackout on Santorum and his campaign. (See more about this in an upcoming blog.)  Donald Trump read Santorum’s book  in 2014 and it set lightbulbs off in his head. Here we have a Corporate America billionaire whose lifetime interests have been largely focused on increasing his own personal wealth and affluent lifestyle now winning those blue collar Reagan Democrats over in droves running on Santorum’s blue collar message. Unbelievable.  


Roll Up Those Sleeves and Say “Cheese!”

We’ve had some pretty extreme makeovers in the Republican field of candidates to be sure. Over the last few months Ted Cruz, the poster boy for the government shut down and his cut, slash, and burn policies that resulted in actually hurting workers in middle America, has shapeshifted into a blue collar champion, donning folksy flannel shirts (his answer to the Santorum sweater vest) and he’s also hijacked Santorum’s pro American worker message and policies as well. What a total 180 Cruz has done since he first entered the race, performing some of the most incredible political gymnastic stunts we’ve seen since the Romney campaign of 2012.  His round-off, back handspring move from pushing immigration on steroids to adopting an American worker first immigration policy was a rather astonishing feat indeed.  Likewise, Marco Rubio has refashioned himself from an establishment, Corporate America go-along into a Hispanic Santorum clone echoing him on everything but immigration and he often quotes Santorum verbatim. Rubio’s 2015 book “American Dreams — Restoring Economic Opportunity for Everyone” is a knockoff of both of Santorum’s books “It Takes A Family” and “Blue Collar Conservatives.”

All the presidential candidates have toured factories, assembly lines, farms, and manufacturing facilities for those trophy photo ops with these prized Reagan Democrats and they just seem to me to be, well, out of place. Yeah, it’s part of every candidate’s duty to go out and rub elbows with average Americans but there’s an air of disingenuousness about it when you know it’s more about racking up political brownie points than actually knowing who these voters are, their issues and concerns, and have policies and a vision that includes them.

Pandering to working Americans from all three of these blue collar newbies has hit a fever pitch heading into the first Caucus in Iowa and the New Hampshire primary, so clearly these voters do play a critical role in this election. But is it good enough to be a recent blue collar convert who talks a good game on blue collar issues or it is imperative our eventual nominee has a solid record on them to support all the rhetoric? What if their blue collar schticks don’t actually match their records? I believe in the general election a Trump, Cruz, or Rubio would be exposed as a blue collar fraud by either Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders who both are running campaigns heavy on appealing to the average American worker via a major focus on income inequality. Trump, for all his blue collar bombast, poses the same election hazard in this election as Romney  in 2012, just another uber wealthy businessman whose record of supporting corporate welfare and bank bailouts makes him look more like an elitist “bleu” collar candidate instead. I know people are falling for him now, but if he’s the nominee you can bank on his past being fully exposed and exploited like nobody’s business by Democrats far and wide, doing the job all the top national conservative talk jocks refused to do when Trump first entered the ring: actually vet him.



Like Reagan, Second Time is the Charm

Why would voters take a chance on nominating a novice on these and a bevy of other critical issues in this campaign when we have a true master on every issue in the race who has already proven he can win in a national election including support and votes from these all important blue collar Reagan Democrats? The added beauty of Santorum’s pro worker, pro growth, blue collar message and policies is that in winning back these disaffected Reagan Democrats and enacting actual policies that will positively affect their lives, we begin to change the electoral map nationwide turning those dark blue areas to purple to red and begin to break the stronghold Democrats have held in elections in these areas for decades. Now that is a longterm goal only Santorum has espoused and he has the plan to make it a reality. Everyone should seriously take this into consideration. A blue collar rhetoric only candidate might win short term and lose the electorate he inspired by not delivering on his promises since they were good talking points only; but a true believer in the message will be a doer who will strive to put these policies in place and secure a path to build victories going forward. Just think about that. Think about that long and hard. 

Who else in this race but Rick Santorum has won 4 of his 5 races as a conservative in a blue state with one million more registered Democrats than Republicans? Who else in this race has already won 11 states in a presidential election in critical swing states in the Heartland and Rustbelt of America and in the Bible Belt of the South, including 13 second place finishes and this was even with him suspending his campaign in April with 19 states still left to vote? Doggone impressive I’d say! Had Rick Santorum only had the funds to continue he no doubt have taken the majority of those remaining states as well, including his home state of Pennsylvania  as we learned from a Romney campaign internal pollster . It was Santorum’s message and his refreshing authenticity, not his money, that took him that far; but now we have the conservative establishment cabal pushing Trump or Cruz and they would have us believe the only factor necessary to win the nomination and general election this time is, again, to be able to outspend your opponent. That strategy was a monumental failure in 2012, yielded us the most disliked well-financed nominee in years, and subsequently delivered 4 more years of Obama. Those millions of Reagan Democrats who should have been out in force to vote for Romney didn’t see him as credible on the issues that pertained to them and their lives. Learn this lesson well, folks. An inauthentic conservative firebrand is just as ineffective with Reagan Democrats as the stuffed shirt executive moderate was in 2012. Authenticity matters. A LOT. We have a field full of well-funded candidates running on borrowed messages and with NO record of being able to win over Reagan Democrats, and some have no record of even running for office before. Talk about taking a huge gamble here. Go with what you know. When you factor in that Santorum, a coal miner’s grandson,  hails from America’s Rustbelt and for 16 years time and again was voted into office by these blue collar voters who populate the steel mill and factory towns of Pennsylvania,  you can’t deny we have a genuine blue collar candidate here. That’s a claim no one else in this field can boast. 

Seems to me when you have such a strong horse from the previous election who is battle tested and battle hardy and who is right on all the issues central to this election and he’s got the fire in the belly to take it all on again, the smartest thing to do is stick with him, bring together his coalition from 2012, and build on that for 2016. That was the Reagan strategy after 1976 and the result was two landslide victories. We already do have a proven winner who only lacked financial support to go the distance. Imagine all that support, now splintered among the numerous candidates doing their best Rick Santorum impersonations, actually supporting Santorum this go round? Epic. It would be epic. Time to separate the wheat from the chaff and weed the field of imposters who may mean well but are a terrible fit for this job. Again we are stuck with the depressing mantra of “I really like Rick Santorum the best but he can’t win” and there are enough of these voters out there who actually can propel Santorum to victory if they go out and vote their convictions and not what giddy talk hosts and influential leaders tell them to — because they know so much better than we do. If you are allowing our conservative versions of Chris Matthews who fawn and gush over well-funded candidates who send thrills up their legs, to pick a candidate for you, you are selling out your vote and selling out America. Would you trust a talk show jock with a 3 year long mancrush on a candidate to honestly assess the field and choose a candidate for you? We absolutely cannot afford to nominate less than what we need in our nominee and in our president.

Rick Santorum’s record and platform hit home all across America and he doesn’t need to remake himself or flipflop all over the place to appease any factions of voters. Unlike all these apprentice politicians and political neophytes, he is not a niche candidate trying to broaden his appeal with a message foreign to his actual background, nor does he require briefing books, tutors, or coaches to help beef him up. He knows this stuff inside and out from actual leadership experience. His message and policy is for ALL Americans and puts the interests of AMERICANS FIRST. Always. 

And I am still waiting for Steve Deace to divest himself of his self-appointed position as political coroner and retract his proclamation that Reagan Democrats are no more or affirm that Rick Santorum was spot on right. I’m not holding my breath, but honesty and integrity demand it.