The Rise of Donald Trump and The Man Who Could Have Stopped Him .… And Very Well Still Could

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Boy, what a difference 4 years makes. Dorothy, we‘re definitely not in 2012 anymore. Any conservative Republican who might have awakened from a 4 year coma to learn that we’re in the midst of the 2016 election and reality TV star/supermarket tabloid celebrity/casino mogul Donald Trump not only is running for president and as a Republican but that he’s actually well on his way to clinching the nomination, would think he woke up in Hell.  Well, that or perhaps someone was playing a terribly cruel joke on him.


Who, four years ago after the humiliating Romney loss to Obama, would have envisioned in the next election another uber wealthy one percenter (this one being in the top 1% of one percenters) would be headed for the Republican nomination in a general election yet again tailored to center around income inequality and class warfare? It’s the movie “Groundhog Day” with a very different set of characters and a rogue script born out of some nightmare.


The very real prospect that the obnoxious, arrogant, foul mouthed, volcano-tempered, insult spewing progressive parading as a Republican could be the new face of the GOP and the guaranteed loser to Hillary Clinton, delivering the GOP its third straight presidential loss, has some prominent conservatives scrambling for a true conservative alternative for a possible independent run after the many conservative candidates who directly challenged Trump have all gone down in flames or failed to muscle their way to overtake him. Final hopes remain in the last conservative standing, firebrand newcomer Ted Cruz, who despite amassing a monster campaign structure and financing over the last 3 years, complete with coveted endorsements from practically every national conservative and Christian leader, organization, and talk show host, has been unable to beat Trump in the same states 2012 runner up Rick Santorum won handily against the super funded Romney despite running on a shoestring campaign and without the Titanic-sized organization Cruz has supporting him. What’s going on here? Clearly, Cruz’s cut/slash/burn policy record and rhetoric along with his limbo deep televangelist style pandering to the Christian base of the party has proven to be niche appeal and no match for Trump’s populace pitch to blue collar America. Cruz was practically (and literally) anointed as THE conservative savior everyone was going to coalesce around in the end. His air of entitlement to the nomination from the onset has been rather off putting and his numerous flipflops throughout his campaign qualify him for “Extreme Makeover” winner of this election. Cruz’s recent adoption of a blue collar focused message comes off as inauthentic schtick, and Trump’s supporters are holding fast to their blue collar angry figurehead. Media fixation on Trump has reached critical mass and the lock appears to be sealed with Crazy Glue.


Sixteen people have had the chance to challenge the beast who is Donald Trump and he’s eliminated them one by one. Mathematically the reality is either Trump will clinch the nomination or we’ll wind up with a contested convention at which time the RNC establishment will thwart the heart attack of a Trump nomination and ensure we wind up with another one of their own moderates like John Kasich or Paul Ryan. And there’s even been chatter about resurrecting Mitt Romney which clearly indicates the political mafia that is today’s RNC still doesn’t get it.  With the former scenario the most likely outcome of this primary process and 40% of Republican voters indicating under no circumstances will they support or vote for Trump in the general, emergency measures must be taken for a Plan B. 


Where did the conservative movement go wrong here? Is there no one out there capable of neutralizing Donald Trump while also successfully vanquishing Hillary Clinton? Why, yes, yes there is. Rick Santorum. Before you pass him off as one of the 16 who has taken on Trump and failed, please hear me out. Rick Santorum is not like anyone else in the 2016 field and he never was allowed the opportunity to challenge Trump in the national spotlight. Never, ever. The national media blackout on Santorum’s campaign has spared Trump from a direct challenge by the man from whom he got his wildly popular, winning message. Fact is, Trump would likely have no campaign if not for Rick Santorum. It’s recently come to light in an article by Fred Barnes in The Weekly Standard that in 2014 Santorum’s highly acclaimed book  Blue Collar Conservatives–Recommitting to an America That Works caught Trump’s attention to the extent he not only read it, he used it as the blueprint for his own presidential campaign. Barnes didn’t go that deep in his article and he’s really late to the game in covering this bombshell of information since I first blogged about it last October, with Politico and Buzzfeed catching on some weeks later, but it’s safe to assume that Mr. Corporate America Billionaire didn’t morph into some Blue Collar Everyman on his own.  

Recall 4 years ago Trump went all out to make sure the establishment approved, establishment funded, Corporate America millionaire Romney was forced down our throats, and he spent a great deal of time and effort making sure the blue collar conservative underdog Santorum was forced out of the race. Now, four years later Trump has taken up the cause of Joe Average and recast himself as THE figurehead of everyday working Americans.  Finally someone who understands them and their issues and concerns.  Or maybe he’s just really good at convincing them he does. Essentially Trump hijacked Santorum’s issues and policies that were the engine of his wildly successful 2012 campaign and detailed in his book and Trump made out like a bandit as the RNC and media waged a national blackout on Santorum and his campaign all election, actually in full effect since his speech at the 2012 Republican Convention. That was the RNC’s last public acknowledgement that Rick Santorum even exists. And if you’re wondering why Trump, who was so impressed by Santorum’s pro worker, blue collar book and message, didn’t just put his support behind him instead of jumping in this race himself, I remind you that in 2012 Trump said Santorum was too conservative, too “extreme” for him. So if you are a pro-life, pro marriage, family values conservative supporting Trump, maybe you have some rethinking to do here. I also believe Trump has had this deep, burning desire for years to be president because he sees the position as the YUGEest seat of power and influence in the world, but I digress. 


Trump has made immigration his hot button issue of his campaign, and it’s been a virtual magnet for blue collar voters to flock to his rallies and show up at the polls for him. What they don’t know is Trump supported amnesty and mass legal immigration until he started paying attention to Rick Santorum who back in the Summer of 2014 threw down the gauntlet on both legal and illegal immigration and was acknowledged and praised by NumbersUSA as the only candidate in the field with an immigration policy that put the interests of Americans first and foremost. Santorum was the only candidate to receive a solid and steady “A” on their presidential scorecard and held on to that status for months with the next closest grade of the others a distant “C” until late Spring 2015 when Scott Walker did a hasty 180 on his pro amnesty policy and adopted Santorum’s pro American worker policy near verbatim. Watch this clip of Santorum on immigration back from August 2014 and you see where Trump, Walker, and now Ted Cruz got their brilliant immigration plan.  All Trump did was tack on his angry rhetoric, deliver it with great bombast,  and “Voila!” Instant ticket into political poll orbit. 




Wargaming An Election: Establishment Style 


Since the 2012 election, Santorum has been one of the main speakers at most of the major conservative summits, conferences, conventions, and other national venues that have propelled nearly all the other candidates of the 2016 field into prominence and high in the polls, but while they all received lavish and constant media attention for their speeches and have had revolving door invites on all the top rated primetime news shows, Santorum has been treated like The Invisible Man. Unless you had attended CPAC the last 4 years you’d never have known he was even there. After Santorum and his exponentially underfunded, understaffed, gritty underdog campaign nearly took out the billionaire fueled Romney in 2012, the RNC bosses and donors set about to thwart his return in 2016. He makes the establishment bosses and their big dog donors extremely uncomfortable because he is his own man, can’t be bought off, bribed, muzzled, or controlled and he’s led and fought the battles on issues that make them the most squeamish. He’s just “too extreme” for their comfort and he poses the greatest threat to their goal of watering down certain moral and cultural issues that have been the pillars of the Republican Party.

Laura Ingraham revealed to Santorum on her February 4, 2013 radio show she had recently been at a Republican dinner attended by establishment type movers and shakers in the RNC who told her they had “to make sure” Santorum never ran again. Listen to the exchange below: 




“Make sure” he never runs again?? People of high influence in the party had already begun wargaming the 2016 election to keep Santorum outThis explains why after the 2012 election his name never came up in any discussion of 2016 on any of the Fox News primetime shows. It’s why his name was not on top national 2016 presidential polls, even in lists of 30 or more potential candidates, his name was not among them. In fact, we heard over and over again that there was no runner up to Romney in the 2012 primaries and the field would be wide open as dozens and dozens of politicians as well as political neophytes were approached, baited, and many lured into the race resulting in a field so chock full of cookie cutter candidates that Santorum’s support in 2012 was severely diluted and divided. It was in Bloomberg I read in 2014 that Jeb Bush was bestowed the title as the “next in line” runner up for 2016 despite the fact he didn’t run in 2012 and was given this status because he was related to a former president. Just unbelievable.


 All the draconian changes to the Republican presidential debate rules, the compressed primaries, and moving the convention up to make sure the primaries wrap up early all are directly the result of Rick Santorum in 2012. He was never supposed to happen, and the RNC was dead set on stopping him from a repeat and more. I dare say any of these changes would have been deemed necessary had Mitt Romney actually won Iowa and had an easy, uneventful coronation in 2012. Santorum’s come-from-nowhere brushfire success and impressive second place finish in 2012, despite being forced to suspend in April, certainly held the promise of an even stronger campaign if he were to run again in 2016. Measures had to be taken to make sure that didn’t happen.


Three factions have made sure Santorum didn’t see the light of day in his 2016 presidential bid: the RNC establishment and their media arm Fox News who saw him as a threat to their chosen moderates; the liberal media who feared him as the biggest threat to Hillary Clinton because of his blue collar appeal; and the new conservative cabal of talk hosts and conservative leaders who had already settled early on building up a very green and inexperienced Ted Cruz who would be gunning for Santorum’s base support from his 2012 campaign. Blackballing Santorum was a surefire way to insulate the other candidates from the “Dragonslayer” of 2012. But while Santorum was out there so eloquently and effectively communicating his message at these venues and being roundly snubbed by any and all media for the aforementioned reasons, Donald Trump was busy watching and taking notes. While Fox News and other media including most conservative talk hosts were running block and tackle of any and all mentions of Rick Santorum, Trump was allowed to rise on Santorum’s winning populace conservative message. All attempts to shut out Santorum resulted in the beast we now have with the virtually unstoppable Trump. Everyone who participated in this snub of Santorum facilitated the nightmare we now have with a fraud being hailed as the second coming of Reagan.


Establishment controlled Fox News has especially had it out for Santorum ever since he launched his first presidential campaign in 2011. He was last invited on The O’Reilly Factor in December 2013, nearly two and a half years and not one single invite on the show since then. Not even once during the entire election because as Bill O’Reilly snidely replied to Santorum’s criticism of the snub, he “tried to find a reason to have Santorum on the show but couldn’t find one.”  How about the fact he was a presidential candidate? How about the fact in April 2015 ISIS singled him out in their online publication as their enemy? Anyone recall Mitt Romney being treated like this after falling short in his 2008 run? Any airtime Santorum was offered by Fox News was in 2 and 3 minute blink-and-you-missed-it bits during late morning and afternoon shows when viewership was lowest, and the line of questioning routinely was about the controversial things Trump said that day and Santorum’s low poll numbers. Just days after officially entering the race in May, Santorum was already being badgered about his low polling and when he might drop out. No one else in the field was ever treated like this. NO one. 

Also absent on all such media has been anyone who happens to support Rick Santorum. I can’t recall seeing or hearing anyone on any of the Fox News shows or major talk radio who was a Santorum supporter. It’s pretty evident now why in the case of Fox News; and talk radio hosts, likewise, call the shots on their own shows who they have on and who they will talk about. For instance, back in March 2012 in the heat of the GOP primaries, I called in to the Sean Hannity radio show the day of the Wisconsin primary and after the screener approved my comments, she then asked me who I was supporting for president. When I told her I was supporting Rick Santorum she said I could not go on the air with Sean unless I could make my point without naming Santorum or speaking negatively of Mitt Romney. When I asked her why, she replied “We believe at this point in the race it would be unhelpful to the process.”  I remind you this was the day of the Wisconsin primary! I’ve called in to several of the national conservative talk shows and when I mentioned Rick Santorum I was immediately talked over or cut off. So you can connect the dots what’s been going on. 


Santorum’s last appearance on with Megyn Kelly was sometime during the 2012 primaries, perhaps even as far back as 2011, several months before the Iowa Caucus. I can find no evidence she even acknowledged him as a candidate on her show all this election.  His only appearances on the Kelly File all election were two 3 minute bits with substitute host Shannon Bream and only to comment on Ted Cruz’s credibility on immigration and social issues. That was the lot of it. His only two  appearances on Sean Hannity’s TV show all election was on May 27 for 4 minutes the night he announced and then several weeks after he announced for his one hour interview Hannity promised to give all candidates,  and never was on or even discussed again after. Do you even exist as a candidate if Roger Ailes targets you for a blackout on all the shows most Republican voters watch for election news? And incredulously, Rush Limbaugh never mentioned Santorum’s entry in the race, never talked about him, his policies, any of his speeches, etc. but he did cover all the other GOP candidates and every Democrat as or after they announced, most with extensive coverage including audio clips and an overview of their campaign platforms. He even extensively covered Democrat longshot Jim Webb’s announcement. Yes, Rush Limbaugh gave 100% more coverage on his show to Democrat candidates than he did to the last election’s runner up. Let that sink in a bit.  And if you aren’t mentioned on Limbaugh’s show, again I ask if you even exist. Limbaugh is part of the conservative cabal who agreed to build Cruz up early as a living legend to promote him at the right time after eventually disposing of Trump who was most useful for months as a distraction to clear the field while Cruz quietly built up under the radar. Weaning his listeners off of the Trump drug is proving a rather touchy thing for Limbaugh, and his over the top coverage of anything and everything Trump has actually taken its toll on what was supposed to be an easy ride to the top for Cruz. Early on Santorum had to be put out of sight and out of mind for Cruz to go unchallenged by the highly accomplished and successful blue collar conservative and Christian culture warrior. Limbaugh did his part in effectively erasing from memory that 2012 had anything to do with anyone named Rick Santorum. 



And here I have to point out that this collective insulating and protecting of Cruz from any direct challenge by Rick Santorum has not only been a disservice to Santorum but also to Cruz and to voters who want to support the very best and strongest candidate to be our nominee. It’s called VETTING. If you can’t face your toughest challenger in the primaries, how on Earth are you adequately prepared to take on Hillary in the general? Keep in mind all those ugly and troublesome warts on a candidate’s record and character that conservatives are willing to overlook or forgive will become blood-in-the-water shark bait in a general election. You can take that to the bank. There are stark differences between Santorum and Cruz on a host of issues traditionally critical in the vetting of conservative candidates, yet Cruz has skated by untouched and unscathed and continues to be heavily promoted as Mr. Perfect by national talk jocks. Cruz would never have withstood the scrutiny by Santorum had both engaged on the national debate stage, and this is why we are seeing that despite the mega machine Cruz has backing him, he’s proven he’s a far weaker candidate in states Santorum easily won in 2012. Trump is soundly winning over both evangelical AND blue collar voters like Santorum did in 2012. Ted Cruz has proven he is no Rick Santorum. Seems to me all these political prognosticators who jumped on the guaranteed winner Cruz bandwagon made a bad choice when they had a tested through fire strong horse the last time. Seems to me that they would have said, “Hey, Rick, if you decide to run again, we’ll have your back for you good and early this time.” I imagine what might have been. 



New Debate Rules: The Ultimate Block and Tackle


Despite having the sixth highest state and vote tally in political history for a runner up to the party nomination, Rick Santorum has been given unprecedented disrespect, scorn, and media blackout for such an impressive run in the previous election. Were he an establishment candidate, Fox News would have been promoting him generously and regularly like they did McCain and Romney in their second attempts. The overcrowded field of attention-hogging, shiny new candidates and the blackout on Santorum succeeded in keeping him out of the public eye and off the polls or so low in the polls that the RNC could then justify bifurcating the field into “tiers” of worthiness of being seen and heard and then turning over the debates to the networks to determine who was entitled to participate on the primetime stage. Once they blocked Santorum into the early “kiddie table” debates they aimed to keep him there from here on out, and they succeeded. He never had the opportunity to compare and contrast himself and his policies with any of the so-called “top tier” candidates in primetime because this winner of the same number of states as Reagan in his first presidential run was considered a “bottom tier” candidate not worthy to share the stage with inexperienced newbies who had to take crash courses and and be briefed and tutored on foreign policy and more just so they could sound competent and knowledgeable enough to survive the hotseats of these debates. I don’t know about you, and I mean no disrespect to Dr. Ben Carson, but watching a pediatric neurosurgeon with a background exclusively in medicine field questions as one of these “top tier” candidates on ISIS, foreign policy, and a world now on fire was positively stomach churning while THE candidate who is the standout heavyweight on these issues, Rick Santorum, was treated like a resident of that dust speck in “Horton Hears a Who.” Despite his stellar performances, winning the online debate polls, and trending on social media each debate night well into the next day, Santorum was never discussed in any media outlet that dared to acknowledge the debate had even occurred. In a debate with four participants, I even heard Rush Limbaugh refer to the other three on the stage by name and he talked about their performances. You’d never have known Rick Santorum had been on that stage too. Targeted, intentional snubbing. To this day there are people who still have no idea Rick Santorum was even a candidate because they didn’t see him in the debates and had no idea there even were “early” debates. 

90% of the people I got signatures from to get Santorum on our state ballot had no idea he was even running. I’ve spoken with many people who told me they were terribly disappointed that he didn’t run again, and I watched them gasp in shock when I informed them he actually had been in the race since May. That’s how effective the blackout has been. Many who were fortunate to have heard and met Santorum during the election overwhelmingly agreed he was they guy we’ve all been waiting for and couldn’t understand why he wasn’t getting any traction. Time and again we heard how much people wanted to support him but because his campaign was practically non existent as far as media was concerned, they backed a second choice instead. Just prior to the Iowa Caucus in February Santorum  blasted Fox News and certain show hosts in particular for locking him out of their popular and highly viewed shows the entire election. 



After his disappointing showing in the Iowa Caucus despite his tireless efforts in all 99 counties over a period of months, Santorum had to suspend his campaign. There were even reports of people showing up at Caucus locations surprised to learn he was on the ballot. As much time he invested there, some still were unaware of his candidacy. He had no meaningful national media coverage, no CSPAN cameras following him around, no embedded camera crew spending a day on the trail with him like all the others candidates had. The most prominent national coverage he got was a USA Today story just days before the Caucus that effectively served to submarine his hopes of bumping up to the top 5 or 6 in the race when the reporter falsely blasted out headlines that his campaign was on its last days.  Every major news outlet that refused to even cover his campaign all election took that headline and ran with it, and the damage was done. Why vote for a candidate you are told is going to exit the race after the Caucus? That was not in Santorum’s plans, but the media made it happen. The Caucus was again going to be his campaign launching vehicle if not by a win, by a respectable rise in the field. You simply cannot recover from a hit like that. Voter fear to stop Trump superseded loyalty to vote on conviction, and there was an erosion of support on Caucus day. Santorum was not expected to again win Iowa but all indications were he would get a good bump up, enough to light a spark going into South Carolina. 

With all indications he would be denied any opportunity to participate in the crucial upcoming debates and with a continued lack of media that would be critical to running on a national level,  Rick Santorum suspended his campaign and threw his support behind the candidate he believed best shared his values, principles, vision for the country, and who effectively and authentically articulated and demonstrated his family-centric, blue collar message, Marco Rubio.  Unfortunately,  just a few weeks later after enjoying a good rise in the polls within striking distance of  surpassing Cruz as the biggest threat to Trump, Rubio was targeted by Fox News head honcho, Roger Ailes, for the same takedown treatment Santorum received in the 2012 race when he was on the verge of toppling Mitt Romney. Every show host who heretofore had given Rubio positive and generous coverage the entire election suddenly turned on him with a vengeance, Sean Hannity in particular morphing into a rabid, junkyard Doberman with his 2 week long tirade against Rubio.  Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin, and Glenn Beck all joined in for the killshot to bolster their own darling, Ted Cruz, and the bloodshed was enough to send Rubio into a poll death spiral, eventually losing his home state of Florida bigtime to Trump in the primary. And another one bites the dust via media dictate.  Fox got what they wanted, and we are left now with the 3 Stooges none of us months ago could have imagined would still be in this race. Here, again, we see the supposed “news” actually creating and manipulating the news, picking and choosing candidates for us. Let’s just call a spade a spade here. Fox News is nothing more than the propaganda vehicle for the bigs in the RNC. Yeah, we know the Democrat Party has a monopoly on all network news for their own propaganda purposes but does that make it right for a “conservative” news organization to engage in electioneering, essentially weeding the field for us? This entire primary process has, for the last 4 years, been molded, shaped, and run by DAILY, media driven, media hyped polls and the elitist pundits, pollsters, and party bosses who know so much better than we do how to pick a president.

Have you had enough of this yet? Need more proof? Let’s hearken back to late February 2012 when the GOP field had, in reality, narrowed to a veritable 2-man race between Santorum and Romney with Gingrich and Paul room temperature bodies in the race lagging far behind. Santorum was dominating all the polls in advance of primaries in critical swing states when reports surfaced if Romney failed to win his home state of Michigan, so terrified of a Santorum nomination were RNC operatives that they had begun hasty preparations to draft a new candidate into the race. I remind you this was already late February when we had the most anti-establishment conservative since Reagan about to topple Mr. Establishment himself, and panic had ensued to the point Jeb Bush and Chris Christie were being prepped to jump in. This, folks, is how desperate the RNC was even in 2012 to stop Rick Santorum. It was absolutely jaw-dropping to watch Santorum repeatedly asked by national media if he would welcome new candidates into the race when he was nearing a one on one contest.  Just unbelievable! Poll after poll showed Santorum, with his strong blue collar message and appeal, was the only candidate beating Obama; yet the RNC turned its guns on him to take him out and rally support for the badly flailing Romney. Any wonder now about the blackout on Santorum ever since the 2012 race? 

Reince Priebus has been the overseer of this election nightmare which is the direct result of the RNC’s hell bent efforts to keep one particular candidate out of this race, essentially creating the Trump success and turmoil within the RNC. How ironic this is resulting in the RNC bosses being forced to support the nomination of a man they apparently so detest and now seek to deny him the nomination at a contested convention.



The Perfect Third Party Option for Such A Time As This


To those seeking a possible 3rd party candidate who can truly challenge Trump on all the issues he is running on and fill the huge void in character, sanity, stability, humility, and authenticity of the vacuous, synthetic conservative candidate Trump, I urge you to please watch Rick Santorum in the videos below. This man is doggone presidential timber like no other since Reagan. It was Santorum, NOT Donald Trump, who has for years chastised the tone deaf GOP for ignoring disaffected blue collar voters who think neither party cares about or listens to them and their issues and concerns; yet, incredibly, it’s Donald Trump who is being widely hailed as the brilliant mind who has single handedly attracted and assembled a new coalition of voters the likes we’ve not seen vote GOP since Reagan with this new worker-focused message. 



Here at the 2014 Iowa Republican State Convention Rick Santorum challenged the GOP to be the party of the American worker, detailing much from his 2012 campaign and highlights from his book “Blue Collar Conservatives -Recommitting to an America That Works” 




Rick Santorum delivered a fiery, passionate speech at the Values Voter Summit in 2015 on some of the more uncomfortable issues most candidates shy away from. This is what a real and authentic battle tested, battle hardy culture warrior looks and sounds like. 



Rick Santorum’s speech at the Freedomworks Rising Tide Summit December 5, 2015 is perhaps the biggest qualifier why this man should have been our nominee. His pledge and proposals to reverse Obama’s executive abuse go beyond that, essentially seeking to curb any further abuse of executive power in any future president. Just awesome.


Voters nationwide never got to see and hear Rick Santorum unless they actually attended these events and saw him in person. They didn’t get to hear about his awesome 20% flat tax plan; his realistic and doable economic plan to bring manufacturing back to American shores to provide solid family sustaining jobs for the 74% of Americans who don’t have college degrees; his muscular and enforceable immigration policy that puts the interests of Americans, not immigrants first; his plan and resolve to take on and defeat ISIS like no other in the field supported by his many years of leadership experience warning about and proactively combating radical Islam; how he so articulately and effectively wove the narrative about the importance of strengthening the traditional family and what impact that had on both society and the economy; and they never got to hear his catchy, inspirational and downright infectious campaign song that so beautifully captures his Americans First theme that was the basis of his entire campaign. There is just too much to mention here. He was the total and complete candidate in every way imaginable with a track record he proved himself in 2012 that it was message and messenger, not big money that won people over even when exponentially outspent.


Tragically, none of this was covered or even discussed on Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Glenn Beck, or other top national shows or even by top conservative bloggers who all were busy building up and promoting Cruz or other candidates. Watch those videos and tell me this man is wouldn’t clean Trump’s clock and Hillary’s too on the very same issues both are addressing in their campaigns. His character and reputation are impeccable, and he’s been tested through fire both publicly and personally his entire political life — and he’s all the stronger for it. Battle tested and battle hardy, not battle weary. He is the ultimate fire-in-the-belly conservative culture warrior, Christian patriot, and blue collar brawler with a record of winning over the same voters both Hillary and Trump are targeting. He is the first Republican since Reagan to talk about and focus policy on the everyday working American, and practically everyone in this race is now talking blue collar issues. Truth be told, Rick Santorum has single handedly turned the entire GOP field into blue collar conservatives with many parroting him verbatim throughout this election. If not for Santorum most in this race would be running on a warmed over version of the stale old message of the Romney campaign. His likeability, winsomeness, and ability to articulate and communicate his message all resonate and register with voters across the political spectrum. Those attributes alone are a sobering contrast to the hateful, anger-centric emotions fueling the Trump movement. Give him the chance to take Trump on in the national spotlight. He was denied that chance. He’s never been afforded the opportunity to reclaim his message and policies Trump has hijacked as skeletal talking points studded with red meat buzz words. It’s what Santorum believes from his core and his policies are fully fleshed out. The contrast in that alone is stark.  Just imagine if all that support and money backing Cruz had actually backed Santorum this time. Imagine had he been given any decent media coverage this time. He’d be unstoppable. Trump trying to swoop in to run on Santorum’s message would have been one huge joke.


Trump could have been stopped. Moreover, he could have been thwarted all together. We have the corrupt RNC and the Trump and newbie fawning media to thank for their orchestration and manipulation of this entire election. John Ziegler recently penned a scathing expose on how top conservative media figures sold out principle to shill for Trump round the clock on their shows.  It’s a must read. Quin Hillyer, Senior Editor for The American Spectator  wrote an excellent piece in December that Santorum would absolutely trounce Trump on the national stage, and he was spot on right. 


I’ll add that unlike the entire GOP field of 2016, Santorum actually has gone rounds with Hillary and repeatedly won. He defeated the author of Hillarycare in his 1994 Senate race with the Clinton machine that practically took up residence in Pennsylvania to battle Santorum.  He went toe to toe with Hillary in the Senate on partial birth abortion and wiped the floor with her, effectively drawing out her inner witch. It was a beautiful thing to behold. He battled her on his Iran sanctions bill and other critical foreign policy issues. He was there when she was there and no one in this field has that credibility to call her out from actual experience with her. And he wrote his cultural and political bunkerbuster book “It Takes a Family” to counter her big government, nanny statist book “It Takes a Village” effectively challenging and exposing the secular humanist worldview of the Left and offering common sense conservative solutions to the problems of this age. After 2012 and looking toward 2016 when we all were fully aware that Hillary would be coronated as the Democrat nominee, anyone should have seen what a uniquely perfect candidate we’d have in Santorum to take her on. Seeking out some inexperienced, untested “new blood” now looks rather foolish. 


Chalk up for Santorum, too, the fact he won 4 of his 5 races in a blue state with over one million more registered Democrats than Republicans and did so as a conservative, soundly defeating entrenched incumbent Democrats. That’s almost unheard of. This is a key swing state highly populated with those blue collar voters everyone is seeking now due to Santorum’s wake up call and his proven success in 2012 at resonating with them in various geographical areas nationwide in 2012. He is anything but a niche candidate as media tries to portray him. Consider that the everyday working American is apolitical and won’t likely be found attending local and state Republican and Democrat Party meetings, but by and large they do share the traditional family values that have been the pillars of the Republican Party, and these are issues Santorum ties in beautifully with his economic message. His mix of social conservatism, blue collar populism, and reputation as a tenacious, anti-establishment Rocky Balboa boatrocker of politics, bolstered by his clean as a whistle reputation and impressive and successful body of work during and after his political career is everything Trump and Clinton are not and it’s what angry and fearful Americans are craving. They just never got the chance to see and hear him. If Rick Santorum had even a fraction of the airtime given to Trump, this would be a very different race right now. Trump and Clinton both have historically high negative ratings which makes the case a strong third party challenger with high favorabililty has a really good shot at winning. We don’t have to settle for the lesser of two evils again. The trust deficit in both Trump and Clinton is off the charts. There is absolutely no doubt what Santorum truly believes and what he will do. Refreshingly, what you see is what you get. 


I fully and 100% support Rick Santorum for an independent run for president, and there are more of us out here than you can imagine who would eagerly jump on board.  He is the perfect candidate for such a time as this. My final thoughts on this is the overview I wrote on his uniqueness as a candidate and how foolish it was for conservatives to not follow the path Reagan’s supporters from 1976 took by staying with him and building on that fire for 1980.  If we can get Rick Santorum to run as an independent, supporters will flock back to him. We remember 2012. We remember the crowds swelling to 4000 and 5000 as voters finally got to see him hear him as media was finally forced to cover him as his blue collar conservative campaign caught fire. Strike the match again. None of us owes the RNC anything, and after they twice waged war on Santorum, he owes them nothing either. He’s been the most loyal and true Republican I can remember, but the party has left him, left me, and left all of us conservatives behind to embrace all that we have fought to keep from sullying and destroying us from within. Time to break free from party and run on principle.  I am so done with the RNC. Can we say Game ON?



Some afterthoughts: 


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In the event we cannot convince Rick Santorum to run as a third party true conservative alternative to the apparently inevitable nomination of the faux Republican Trump, perhaps delegates to the convention in Ohio will take all this into consideration if other candidates can be entered in later rounds of voting. I can say with absolute certainty that had Rick Santorum been treated with the same respect and decent media coverage the other candidates were afforded from the get go, Trump would not be an issue in this election. Rick Santorum has never indicated he would leave the Republican Party to do something like this and has fought long and hard to keep the GOP the party of Lincoln and Reagan, but maybe he would answer the call of duty to God and country to again offer up his service for this monumental job. He and his family have sacrificed so much only to be treated with inexcusable scorn and contempt by those who supposedly are “Fair and Balanced” in reporting the news. Will a third party be able to circumvent this or make such a huge splash diving in that the media can’t possibly ignore it? Santorum’s name has come up quite a bit lately now that the field has been substantially cleared and we are stuck with 3 choices who in no way measure up to what we had in his candidacy in 2012.  I think the party is going the way of the Whig Party and is on its last breath when the last 3 surviving candidates for president all are okay with gay marriage forced on all 50 states via an unconstitutional SCOTUS decision or accept and condone a state by state redefinition of marriage and don’t seem to realize how this undermines religious liberty.  If the GOP now embraces anything goes marriage even on a state by state basis as libertarian leaning Ted Cruz proposes, it’s not my party anymore. The Republican Party should not be on the same side of the culture war as the Left. No way. I’m so done.  I don’t see Donald Trump agreeing with the traditional values platform of the Republican Party, and changes might be coming to water these issues down.  

What I do know is the leadership and elitist donors of the RNC are inept, corrupt, and so out of touch with the actual voting base of the party that they are now reaping what they have sown with their orchestration and manipulation of the election process away from voters and for their own selfish interests. I see no efforts calling for Reince Priebus’ resignation and no way of ridding the party of the moderate and progressive billionaire puppeteers who make sure tried, tested, and true full spectrum conservatives like Rick Santorum are put away. I also see the RNC propaganda machine Fox News growing more socially progressive in tandem with those who call the shots at the top, putting the pedal to the metal squelching the voices of social conservatives in all future elections.  I can’t remain in a party where my voice is no longer heard or even matters anymore. I can’t remain in a party that thinks we are too stupid to make our own choices and culls the field for us time after time after time. ENOUGH!! This Trump fiasco is the last straw and it’s what the RNC gets for who and what they have become. WE don’t have to take this anymore. 

Oh, and by the way, maybe if enough of us tune out Fox News and all the infatuated radio personalities who stoked the fire in the Trump Train engine, they just might get the message.